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The 20 Most Attractive Men in the World According to the Opinion of Ordinary People

Beauty is within the eye of the beholder, and each of us has our own perception of what beauty is. Everyone has a “type” whether they realize it or not. This is a list of 20 men that “ordinary people” have rated as the most attractive men in the world. Take a look and see if you agree with the candidates! Bear in mind, that this is not an official ranking, just one made by the people of Reddit. So take from it what you like!


Tom Hardy

This actor is famous for his role in Mad Max. So, it is no wonder he made the list with his sultry facial expressions. 


Danny DeVito

It might have been a surprise for you to find this actor on this list. But, as we mentioned, everyone has a type. Attraction does not discriminate against age. Apparently. Either that or the Reddit voters were just having a little fun with this one. We love ya, Danny!


Henry Cavill

Have you ever seen The Tudors? Henry plays the role of Charles Brandon, and does a steamy job of it too, what do you think? 


Jenson Ackles

Next up on the list is one for the “Supernatural” fans. Jensen Ackles plays the role of one of the brothers fighting off evil mythical creatures.


Viggo Mertensen, as Arragon

The 20 Most Attractive Men in the World According to the Opinion of Ordinary People
© The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring / New Line Cinema

Lord Aragon, a favorite from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Human, he may be, his beauty shall always be appreciated amongst fantasy lovers.


Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan has soured into the sights of his fans since he starred in the musical, Mamma Mia. All those romantics at heart have been swooning ever since. 

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Edris Elba

The voice of Sheer Khan in The Jungle Book has been identified to belong to Edris, who is well known for his role in the Marvel Universe amongst other things! It seems his voice is just as attractive as his face, according to the ordinary people on the internet.


Jason Mamoa

No explanations are needed here, just think “Aquaman.”


 Paul Rudd

Romcom fans will know this face for a long time to come. If you have seen “Clueless” you will know this face.


 Chris Evans

Chris Evans is famous for playing Captain America in the Marvel series, The Avengers. He is everyone’s favorite superhero.

Young Marlon Brando

This is one for the classics. The Guys and Dolls star sure was dreamy in his prime.

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Ryan Reynolds

This actor is not only gorgeous, but one cannot help but laugh for his humor is just as great.

Ewan McGregor

This man not only has a beautiful face, but his voice rings true when he sings too.

 Youthful Harrison Ford

This is a beautiful man who will go down in history for his looks, according to our “ordinary people” 

Chris Hemsworth

Our favorite Greek god, Thor, or at least the actor who played the role – and quite gorgeously too. 

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has captured the attention of many with his mind-altering role in The matrix – not to mention his dashing good looks!

 John Hamm

Ever watched Mad Men? Then you will most likely be a fan of Mr. Hamm.

 Hugh Jackman

Van Helsing, X-Men, The Prestige, and Les Misérables are all brilliant movies that Hugh Jackman has acted in. He gives another meaning to men aging gracefully.

 White Collar’s Matt Bomer

With those eyebrows, it is no wonder Matt Bomer made this list.

 Sebastian Stan

The only reference you need here is those sparkling blue eyes. 

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