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Jade Small
January 2, 2024 ·  3 min read

Good-looking convict’s picture causes a stir on social media

If you didn’t know before, you ought to. Jeremy Meeks, ‘Hot Felon’ on social media, has had to disable the comments section of his Instagram account following his divorce. It seems his fans did not receive it as well as he thought, not to mention his new romance with Chloe green.

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Jeremy Meeks, ‘Hot Felon’

Jeremy Meeks, also known as the “Hot Felon,” rose to fame in 2014 after he was arrested for possession of a firearm and grand theft. His mugshot quickly went viral on social media. Meeks’ good looks and chiseled jawline garnered him a significant amount of attention, with many people expressing their attraction to him. Among those people were fashion icons, who all leaped at the opportunity to take Meeks under their wing.

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According to reports, Jeremy was a man with a long rap sheet and a history with gangs. Although, it does seem from his posts on social media that he has turned his life around. These days, he is traveling the world from photoshoot to photoshoot and lounging on yachts with all the pleasures of life. Some have praised him for managing to improve his situation, but others have suggested he exploited his past as a criminal. Using it to become famous.


Before Jeremy’s name was on the map, he was married to a woman called Melissa. She stuck by Meeks through everything, including his rise to fame. They were married for eight years when everything came crashing down. She received an image through social media from a stranger.

It showed Jeremy kissing another woman on a yacht. This was not only heartbreaking for her but humiliating as well. He had told her he was on a business trip. “Some random person I don’t know sent a direct message with the photograph of my husband kissing that woman,” she told the Daily Mail. “I went into shock. I felt nauseated. It was like a bomb had gone off and my whole world had been blown apart.”

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According to reports, Melissa had been trying to contact her husband for a few days while he was away for work. After she failed to get hold of him, she suddenly saw what he was really doing. The next time she spoke to him, he had arrived to take the kids out for the 4th of July celebration. “He kept saying, ‘I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve this.’” she said. “We talked about divorce. I told him I didn’t think the marriage could be saved. He agreed. The marriage is over.”

Controversy on social media

She then took to social media to post about the divorce she was going through. It read: “I fed mouths that talked s–t about me. I wiped tears from the same people that caused mines. Picked up people that tried to knock me down. Did favors for those who couldn’t do s–t for me. Been there for the ones that left me. Crazy? Maybe, but I don’t lose myself in the hatred of others. I continue to be me because I can’t change who I am. Life ain’t easy, but through all the bulls–t I still remain solid. Because I know God got big plans for me.” 

Jeremy Meeks’s fans were not exactly happy with the way the chiseled model handled things with his now ex-wife. Many people started scrutinizing his past, and previous convictions. However, this did not stop Jeremy and his new fling, Chloe Green 9the girl from the pictures on the yacht) to officialize their relationship. Melissa mentioned that Meeks did apologize to her. But, it wasn’t for his infidelity. He apologized, “not for the affair, but for the way I learned about it,” she said. “Those pictures will haunt me forever.”

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