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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
May 21, 2024 ·  6 min read

Famous Surgeon Claimed Amber Heard’s Face is the “Most Beautiful In The World”

Long have people tried to use science to explain beauty. Particularly, doctors who work in the field of cosmetic surgery. After all, they are in the business of helping people achieve the “perfect” face, and business is booming. In 2021, the Global Cosmetic Surgery market was valued at $50.27 billion, and it’s expected to grow to $67.91 billion by 2030 (1).

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Julian DeSilva, claimed that the woman with the most perfectly proportioned face is none other than Amber Heard. Why is this trending now? We’re guessing it has something to do with the ongoing defamation case between the actress and ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard Has The Perfect Face, According To Science

Science has spoken: Amber Heard has, mathematically speaking, the most beautiful face in the world. However, that was in 2016 because it seems it changes every so often. In 2019 Amber slipped to number 3 with Bella Hadid in the top spot (2).

In any case, this determination is based on the ‘golden Phi ratio’ determined by the Greeks which you can also apply to the world’s most beautiful faces. This ratio, Phi, is 1.618. Dr. DeSilva mapped out some of the world’s most famous and beautiful faces and found this, as well. Amber Heard’s came out as the one closest to fitting this ratio 100% accurately. (3)

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“(Her)eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and facial shape were measured and 12 critical marker points were evaluated and determined to be 91.85 percent of the Greek ratio of Phi, which is 1.618,” according to their research. (4)

Other famous faces came in closely behind hers. In second was Kim Kardashian with 91.39%, then Kate Moss with 91.06%, and Emily Ratajkowski with 90.80%. Kendall Jenner also came in high on the list behind Emily with 90.18%.

“The Phi ratio of 1.618 has long been thought to hold the secret for beauty, but now with the computer mapping we can calculate how it applies to real women. After we had created the software and the algorithms for the key marker points on the face I thought it would be a good idea to test the system on some of the most beautiful women in the world and see if we could prove with geometry and science exactly what it is that makes a beautiful face. The results were startling and showed several famous actresses and models have facial features that come close to the ancient Greek principles for physical perfection.” explained Dr. DeSilva.

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The Perfect Nose

Dr. DeSilva then used this research to figure out the perfect size and shape of each of the facial features. According to their research, 1.618 is a goal value for the nose. To determine your ideal nose size, start in the middle of your eyebrows and measure how long your nose is at its widest point. Divide that by how broad your nose is at its widest point and you will discover how close your nose is to the “perfect” nose.

The Perfect Eyes

Naturally, there are various aspects that go into having attractive eyes. Color, for example, is one that many people will have a preference for. Size, shape, and placement, however, have a lot to do with how “beautiful” society may deem one’s eyes. The spacing between the eyes is of particular importance, according to the ratio of Phi.

The distance of the eye divided by the length of the eye should equal 1.618. The distance from the nose to the edge of the eye divided by the distance from the edge of the eye to the corner of the lips should also equal 1.618.

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The Perfect Lips

How plump and “kissable” one’s lips have long been a desirable traits. There are many tricks and cosmetic procedures out there to help people get bigger, fuller lips. Some of them are fine, others are actually quite dangerous. But what is the actual ideal lip size? Again, according to science, it follows the ratio Phi.

First, the bottom lip should be 1.618 times that of the top lip. The length of the lip end to end divided by the distance from the base of the nose should also equal 1.618.

Amber Heard Has A Scientifically “Perfect” Face

If this was gymnastics, Amber Heard won the all-around in terms of overall face. Hers came closest to the ratio Phi. If you break out into the individual events, aka the facial features, there were other winners, as well.

Kim Kardashian came out on top for perfect eyebrows, while Scarlett Johansson won for best eyes. The shape of Rhianna’s face was determined to be the most beautiful, while Kate Moss won for best forehead and Emily Ratajkowski took the number one spot for best lips.

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Robert Pattinson Most Handsome

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More recently in 2020, Dr. DeSilva declared Robert Pattison as the most handsome. DeSilva found that Pattison’s face hit 92.15% accurate to the Greek’s golden ratio of beauty. Henry Cavil came in second, followed by Bradley Cooper and then Brad Pitt. Previously, George Clooney had the top spot. He is now in fifth, however, due to the natural effects of aging on the face. David Beckham came in 7th overall but won for the best, most striking chin. (5)

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Can You Really Determine Beauty Scientifically?

Of course, all of this is just numbers. Can you really say that Amber Heard, for example, is more beautiful than Scarlett Johansson or Kate Moss? There may be some who are more attracted to one than the other, but that is a matter of personal preference and not scientific perfection. On top of that, so much more goes into human attraction beyond just the face.

Physically speaking, there are different body types that one may prefer over the other. More importantly, there are things like personality, life goals, hobbies, and naturally, inexplicable chemistry. None of that can truthfully be determined by science. All of this is to say that just because you don’t have a scientifically “perfect” face doesn’t mean that you are unattractive or will never be liked, accepted, or loved. Continue to work on yourself, your life, and your goals, and you will attract those who are right for you.

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