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People Are Painting Dressers To Look Like Vintage Volkswagen Buses

We love upcycling furniture, and we especially love it when people paint things in a theme. If you are a lover of the ’60s, chances are you probably love the vintage VW Van. Owning one of these babies would be a dream come true! Well, it looks like, for most of us at least, that we are stuck painting dressers to look like them. At least for now! These would look especially amazing in a 60s or car-themed kids’ bedroom.


Painting Dressers to look like vintage busses

Even the least DIY-inclined person could paint a dresser to look like a vintage VW van. If you are willing to get hands-on and creative, It is quite a simple and straightforward DIY project. They look absolutely stunning! If you want to get extra fancy, you could even add some real car parts to finish the look. It’s quite obvious that painting dressers to look like something entirely different is quite a popular idea, and it’s easy to see why! Take a gander at some we found on the web.


This adorable pink dresser comes complete with a number plate and a real VW badge. They even turned the top drawer handles to mimic windscreen wipers!

Painting dressers to look like vans is quite the trend! This one kicks it up a notch by adding even more special finishes

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Stop the bus! Wow! This one is even more impressive – It even has night lights and a beautiful vintage number plate!

A little simpler, this one is still beautiful

Painting dressers to look like vintage busses looks like fun! Ready to try your own?

This amazing video by Ashley Blake shows you exactly how to make your very own DIY VW van dresser. All you’ll need is a few DIY and craft products to get going, as well as a dresser to paint! You can easily find a cheap second-hand one on Facebook Marketplace, Craigs List, or your local second-hand furniture store.[1]


Here’s what you’ll need

  • An old dresser
  • Primer
  • White paint
  • Color paint of your choice – preferably chalk paint
  • Chalk board paint – optional
  • A marker pen in silver
  • A VW badge or any other goodies

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