These Old Trampolines Have Been Transformed into Outdoor Dens and I Need One

Growing up, I had a few friends with old trampolines standing in the backyard. Long unused and gathering cobwebs, these old, massive things just stood around, rusting away and looking shabby. Such an eyesore, and not to mention taking up tons of space!


Back then, I never thought of repurposing anything the way I do now. So, I would have never thought of what these parents did when they looked at their old trampolines just wasting away.


These old trampolines were transformed

Parents all over have been turning their old trampolines into beautiful little outdoor spaces, perfect for a garden picnic, some wine, or to read a book in comfort outside. Who would have thought these ugly old things could be repurposed into something quite stylish and unique?


Take a look at some of these old trampoline revamps we saw online, and then read on to learn how you can turn yours into an outdoor den, too!

repurposed old trampolines with lights
repurposed old trampoline with lush pillows and curtains.
repurposed old trampoline made into a bohemian like bed with pillows, drapes and fairy lights.

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How to do it yourself at home

This DIY project is fun and easy to do; you’ll just need a few items to transform your rusty trampoline into a beautiful outdoor den or nook.


What you’ll need

  • Fairy lights
  • Pillows
  • Curtains or pretty fabric
  • Blankets

All you need to do to transform your old trampolines into a magical outdoor space is tie some curtains or draped fabric from the top bar. What works really well is using very long pieces of fabric which can be draped right over so that you also create a shaded roof.


Then, add as many pillows and blankets as possible to make a soft, comfortable space to sit back and relax. If you like the bohemian look, you can find plenty of mismatched pillowcases at bargain stores or even second-hand shops.


For a fairytale experience and evening entertaining, hang up some fairy lights or even some small paper lanterns to add that special finishing touch.


Another awesome idea for your old trampolines

If you still have small kids around the house, who just aren’t into jumping around anymore,, you can convert your old trampoline into a play den instead! All you have to do is turn it upside down! It makes a perfect summer fort play area with some curtains strung around for shade.


Check out the image bellow from Angela Ferdig. Her trampoline broke so she flipped it over to create a new play fort for her kids.

old trampoline repurposed into a play fort for children
via angelaferdig

So, what do you think? Are you inspired to jump in and repurpose your old trampoline?

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