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Wait Until You Peek Inside These Colorful Little Campers

Camping is one of the great joys of life. Sitting around a fire and eating s’mores, going fishing, swimming, and hiking. Everything about camping is marvelous! There’s just one part that makes it a little bit less enjoyable – setting up a tent. If you aren’t lucky enough to own a camper, setting up and taking down your sleeping quarters can be a bit of a nightmare – not to mention sleeping uncomfortably. This is where campers can be so useful!

However, more often than not, people don’t own campers because they don’t own the right vehicle to tow them. They are also usually bulky and heavy, and a camper is but a luxury dream for most of us. But what if a camper existed that you could tow with your existing car?

The Tiny Meerkat Campers

Created by San Diego based company, Little Guy Trailers, the Meerkat packs a whole lot of punch into a tiny frame! This little camper will surpass all expectations. It’s so lightweight it can be towed by any four-cylinder car that is equipped with a tow hitch.

Image via @LittleGuyTrailersCA

Weighing only 900lbs, you’ll save on fuel, even if you own a bigger towing vehicle. It’s also small enough to fit inside most standard garages.[1]

Image via @LittleGuyTrailersCA

Extra Features

Don’t be fooled by its tiny exterior, the Meerkat may be small, but it offers plenty more than just compact convenience. Standing at 6ft tall, it’s big enough for most adults to stand inside. If you’re taller, though, or prefer more headroom, it can be customized to up to 6’5”. That said, the top of the Meerkat camper pops up and open for more headroom.

Of course, nobody likes being stuck in a small, stuffy, claustrophobic space. So, all the windows open fully for ventilation. For those hot summertime camping trips, you can also have an exterior shade awning added. The trailer is also fully insulated.

Image via @LittleGuyTrailersCA

What’s Inside?

The interior of the Meerkat campers will surprise you, fitting two adults comfortably on the roll-out bed. The bed by day is a dinette and seating area, which saves you lots of extra space. Each cushion also has storage beneath it. There’s space for you to hang your clothes as well as a porta-potty.

Image via @LittleGuyTrailersCA

These adorable campers feature wooden cabinets, a sink, and even an icebox in the kitchen area. It also has a converter and a 120-volt electrical system with lighting.[2]

What’s Outside?

This cute little trailer comes in a wide variety of colors; you can even completely customize the paint job for an extra $1450.

Image via @LittleGuyTrailersCA

The campers also have LED running lights on the exterior with a cute wrap around bench and table seating area. The standard table is small, but you can opt for a bigger one with most things customizable on this camper.[2]

Image via @LittleGuyTrailersCA

How Did The Meerkat Campers Get Their Name?

According to the Little Trailer Guys website;

A Meerkat is a small animal that travels in groups. It stands tall and pokes its head up to look around. Meerkats tend to gather in groups, and they are very cute—just like the MeerKat travel trailer.

Image via @LittleGuyTrailersCA

Where to Get the Campers?

Owning one of these awesome little campers will set you back at least $12,999. They’re fully customizable and worth every penny. No more setting up tents, or taking them down, no more sleeping on the floor or on an airbed that keeps deflating!

Check out this video where you can see the adorable Meerkat trailer and some of the other tiny trailers on offer from Little Guy Trailers:

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