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The Most Ridiculous Things People Tried To Pass Off As Reality On The Internet

For the most part, the internet is a wonderful place. You can find almost any piece of information you need at your fingertips! Researching a school paper? Google it! Want to keep in touch with family and friends? Just log in to one of your social media accounts, and it’s possible! Want to listen to your favorite music album? It’s readily available online. There’s also the other side of the internet—one where you’ll find some of the most ridiculous things.


Often, especially online, it can be difficult to tell fact from fiction. There is just so much fake news being passed off as real and satire being misunderstood as reality, yet, people often believe the most ridiculous things are real!


However, this list shows some of the most ridiculous things online that people have tried to pass off as real. Honestly, we can only laugh![1,2]


Legs so long she definitely won’t have trouble reaching the stars.

most ridiculous things fake long legs
Photo Credit: Reddit / Naniibananii

You have to wonder why they didn’t just use a pregnant model for this stock image.

fake pregnancy
Photo Credit: Reddit / wanderlust1916

Is nothing in the world real anymore?

fake food

Who even “Kneeds” Knees, anyway?

most ridiculous things no knees
Photo Credit: Reddit / bel998

By far one of the most ridiculous things we’ve ever seen!

most ridiculous things fake arm
Photo Credit: Reddit / Unkown_Gamer944

If only he paid attention to the water. Oh and, his warped face. He might have actually been able to pass this one off!

fake fish
Photo Credit: Reddit / Obliverate

I want to know what toothpaste this guy is using because this is just the most ridiculous thing!

most ridiculous white teeth
Photo Credit: Reddit / trich87

Sunsets don’t happen behind trees, by the way.

most ridiculous things sunset
Photo Credit: Reddit / moclen

You forgot your chain, buddy!

no chain photoshop fail
Photo Credit: Reddit / xakmonster

Congratulations on your new iPhone! Most ridiculous thing is, the box has no shadow?

most ridiculous things iPhone shadow

Part human, part graphic. Perfect body, perfect advertisement!

most ridiculous things cartoon body
Photo Credit: Reddit / gritch_123

The most ridiculous things we see online, are people’s attempts at beautifying themselves…

funny face
Photo Credit: Reddit / whitecat7890

This woman has the sun shining onto her back, yet, it’s it’s also breaking through the clouds ahead. Hmmm.

Photo Credit: Reddit / half-im-lost

How Ridiculous is it to actually airbrush an ankle?

most ridiculous ankle airbrush
Photo Credit: Reddit / LaComtesse

Yes, that sure is a lovely home you’ve photoshopped yourself in front of. Ha!

Photo Credit: Reddit / sharkbait1999

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