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Man Stacks Four Eggs To Break Gravity-Defying Record

Mohammaed Muqbel was in the news last year for stacking three eggs atop of each other. But this time around, this Yemeni citizen is back with 4 eggs. Yes- you heard that right! This holder of Guinness World Records did come back for more. The idea- breaking his own world record. Although he had become quite familiar with his previous record, social media appearances weren’t enough for him. After all, this adrenaline junkie wanted more- and rightfully so!

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Most Eggs Balanced On A Stack- And Other Guinness World Records!

Coming to the main topic- he did break the World Record again! In Istanbul, Turkey, he stacked four eggs on each other- the record for the largest stack of eggs to date! Needless to say, he not only raised the eggs- but the bar as well. Now, while you must be thinking that this could be simple- it really isn’t.


Muqbel mentioned, “Many around the world fail to realize the hard work associated with balancing. The art of balancing involves tremendous patience, focus and calmness. I would even say it is linked to the science of physics and engineering. The most difficult part from the attempt was finding the centre of gravity for each egg due to its unique shape and texture.


Largest stack of eggs 🥚 4 by Mohammed Muqbel 🇾🇪

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But how did this penchant for balancing things on a stack come by? Muqbel states that he had always noticed his skills at balancing things. “I consider myself an ambitious person, and I aim to showcase my skills to the whole world one day.

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Along with balancing eggs on a stack, there are other interesting record-holders too: Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari held the record for balancing 85 spoons on his body. Nate McEvoy currently holds the record for removing 32 Jenga blocks in one minute. Ashrita Furman balanced 888 eggs (not on a stack) when she participated at York College. David Rush of Tennessee balanced 15 chairs on his chin. John Evans went on to balance 101 bricks on his head when the event was organized at the BBC Television Center.

Makes you wanna try out for a stacking record, doesn’t it?

If you think that’s all that Mohammaed Muqbel can balance you’d be wrong. He’s more than just eggs! You can check him out on Instagram.


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