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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
March 13, 2024 ·  3 min read

New Glass-Domed Train Offers Breathtaking Views From Colorado Rockies to Utah’s Red Rocks

People who love to travel and be outdoors are in for a treat with the addition of beautiful new journeys in a glass-domed train. Travelers who have been to Colorado know it for its surreal and breathtaking nature. The Rocky Mountains and a variety of other natural landmarks can be found there. Furthermore, with this new train feature, more people can come and witness the beauty for themselves. You’re not going to want to miss this opportunity!

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The Glass-Domed Train

Thanks to the company known as Rocky Mountaineer, Colorado is about to unveil a new outdoor experience. What’s even more exciting is that this company specializes in luxury train rides. They operate three luxury trains in western Canada between Vancouver and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Including mountain towns such as Banff, Jasper, and Lake Louise in Alberta. They are also known for the creation of glass-domed trains for breathtaking journeys through nature.

The glass-domed train has plans for a new route that’s currently being installed. “The work to find a new route has been underway for several years,” explains the president and CEO, Steve Sammut. “We needed to find a special location with many of the same features we have in Western Canada — incredible scenery, iconic destinations, and the option for an all daytime, multiday journey that is best experienced by train.” (1)

The route will take passengers on a two-day trip from Denver to Moab, Utah. The first leg of the train ride will take passengers through the Rocky Mountains to a little mountain town called Glenwood Springs. Offering a lovely hotel and hot springs for people to unwind after a long trip. The last leg of the trip will take people all the way to Moab.

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Glass-Domed Train Experience: What To Expect

The company has plans to offer 40 departures when they officially launch the service, starting on August 15th through October 23rd. The ticket prices will start at $1,250 per person, which includes a stay at the hotel in Glenwood Springs. Additionally, the glass-domed trains offer breathtaking scenery and delicious chef-curated food. There won’t be sleeping cars for passengers as the train will stop along the way.

Choose from Two Packages

They also have two package deals for you to choose from for the type of glass-domed train experience you want to have.

The Silverleaf

With the Silverleaf package, passengers have access to the single level glass-dome coach. Still offering beautiful scenery, but the glass windows aren’t as large as the Goldleaf package.

The Goldleaf

While the Goldleaf package allows access to both levels of the glass-domed train. The top-level offers more expansive views and even an exclusive outdoor viewing platform. However, both packages offer essentially the same things; the Goldleaf package offers a little more variety for the trip.

Glassed-Domed Train & The Circle Journeys

Additionally, if you can’t decide on which trip you’d like to take, the company offers something called Circle Journeys. You can combine two rail routes into one adventure. Doubling your glass-domed train time as well as the experience. Of course, it will be a little bit more expensive if you decide to do this option. However, circle journeys are round trips, so you’ll be able to go back to your starting destination. There’s also a special anniversary promotion offering 1 hotel night, 1 airport transfer, and 1 dinner when you book more than 8 days for your trip. You might find yourself not ever wanting to leave this luxury train again.

Even without the circle journeys, you have four options to choose from. All of which are incredible in their own unique way. If you don’t want to do the Colorado trip, perhaps you’d like the Rainforest to Gold Rush journey. There’s also the First Passage to West. Lastly, they have a glass-domed train trip labeled ‘journey through the clouds’. Each trip offers unique scenery of every type of nature you can imagine. Rocky Mountaineer gives customers an experience tailored to how they like it.

You’ll want to check out their website for additional information on how you can plan the perfect trip for you!

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