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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 28, 2024 ·  3 min read

Why You Should Plan a Trip With Your Mother Every Year

Most of us love to travel. Whether it be a shorter road trip upcountry or a long flight to the other side of the world, everyone love’s a vacation! Some of us like to travel solo, and others with our friends or significant others. But there is just nothing that really compares to traveling with your mom! If you’re hoping to spend more time with the woman who brought you into this world, perhaps it’s time to plan a trip with your mother!

We all know how life goes

We either live miles and miles away from our parents or around the corner. The sad part is that even if we live close by, we still don’t seem to find the time to see them.[1] When we do, it’s hard to find the time to properly catch up, have a laugh, and a real heart to heart. And, just spend precious alone time with our moms, with nobody else to bother us!

If this is your reality, an amazing way to make sure you get enough mom time, why not plan a trip with your mother? Be it to a neighboring state or someplace far away, traveling with your mom is an adventure that will bring you so much joy and many beautiful memories. Make it an annual tradition!

6 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Trip With Your Mother

Get your passports ready!

You Will Create a Stronger Bond

By traveling with your mother, your bond will get stronger, and you will grow closer. Hours sitting next to one another on a flight or in a car will give you all those much needed hours of catching up. Talking to your mother about any and everything will help your relationship strengthen and your trust to grow.

You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry

When you spend the time spent in one another’s company, you’ll be able to think of the past, your childhood, and all the memories until that point: the tragedies and the tears, the graduations and birthdays. You will laugh, and you will cry as you sit and remember growing up with your mom.

A Therapeutic Experience

There have obviously been times you and your mom haven’t gotten along or agreed about something. During your time together on your trip, you’ll probably start being more open and honest, and conversations will begin to flow. This will create the opportunity to say the things weighing on you and the same for her. You’ll find your relationship is more open and real after this happens.

You Can Show Her How Much She Means To You

Expressing your gratitude can be done in so many ways, but a trip with your mother will be the ultimate way to show her just how much she means to you. She carried you for 9 months, gave you life, and spent countless dollars giving you everything she could! A vacation is a perfect way to show her you care and you are grateful.

Life is Short

Nobody likes to think about it. But, each day that passes is another day closer to when your mom won’t be around anymore. Make every moment count. Taking a trip every year will be an opportunity to spend time with your mom because you never know when will be the last time you get to see her.

Making Memories

By traveling together with your mom, you’ll be able to make memories you’ll never forget. Each one of a kind memory is priceless, and every time you look at the photos, selfies, and video clips from your trips, you will be able to smile and remember the wonderful time you had with your mom.

You’ll Get to Know One Another Better

It’s often the case that we only really know our parents as our parents, and they know us as their children. So, taking a trip together will your mom will help you both discover who you really are. A few days or even weeks on vacation with your mom will open the door to more conversation and loads of catching up.[2,3]

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