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This treetop walkway is world’s longest and a must-see attraction

Dreaming of a leisurely stroll above a forest? Well, Switzerland has got you covered. They recently opened what is now the world’s longest treetop walkway, stretching a mile above the canopy of the forest.


Switzerland Opens The World’s Longest Treetop Walkway

On July 11, 2021, Switzerland opened the world’s longest treetop walkway. Named Senda dil Dragun (meaning Path of the Dragon), it connects the small villages of Laax Murschetg and Laax Dorf and is roughly one mile (1.6 km) long. (1)


There are two access towers where visitors can begin their trek. The walk, as you can imagine, is high up in the canopy. Rather than walking on the forest floor, you are at eye level with the treetops. This gives an alternative vantage point from which to enjoy everything that the enchanting Swiss forest has to offer.


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More Than Just A Walk

segment of the world's longest treetop walkway, Senda dil Dragun
Image Credit: Flims Laax

Of course, the course is more than just a simple platform to walk on. Along the walkway, there are five platforms offering various opportunities to learn about the Laax forest below. 


1. Tower Murschetg

One of the two entry towers, the 240-foot-tall Tower Murschetg features a giant spiral slide. They advertise this part as something for kids to enjoy, but if you’re asking me I think adults would enjoy it just as much! Here, visitors will also learn about the landscape of Laax and how it was formed by the Flims landslide.


2. Uaul Casti Platform

This stop is to teach visitors what trees and plants are in the Laax forest. You will also learn how the flora changes in a span of just a few kilometers in the forest.


3. Ravanasc Platform

This stop is for animal lovers. The Laax forest is home to many birds, deer, squirrels, and even now wolves. You will learn all about the fauna (aka wildlife) in the forest and how they came to be there.


4. Dimplaun Sura Platform

People began settling in the Laax region in the bronze age. In this era, people had livestock and cultivated fields. At this platform, you will learn all about these first people who populated the region, their lives, and their animals.


5. Uaul Fraissen Platform

This platform is here solely for the views. Enjoy the best view of the Laax forest here. Not only can you gaze upon the forest’s beauty, but you also have the best vantage point for wildlife viewing.

Tower Murschetg, a segment of the world's longest treetop walkway, Senda dil Dragun
Tower Murschetg. Image Credit: Flims Laax

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Hours and Tourist Information

In the summer season, which lasts until October, the platform is open from 9 am to 6 pm. The slide, however, is only open from 10 to 5. From November to April, or the winter season, the treetop walkway is open from 11 am until 3:30 pm. The slide is not open in the winter months. There is a limit to how many people can be on the walkway at one time to make sure that everyone has a great experience. For this reason, there may be a slight waiting time.

To access the walkway, there is a shuttle bus that operates from Laax Dorf to Dimplaun and back. Children under five years old are free, and then from there, prices depend on the age of the visitor. 

You can also rent a tablet which will give you more information about the forest. This will tell the story of the forest and the walkway through augmented reality. This will include more information about the regional animal and plant life, geology, agriculture, and human settlement.

segment of the world's longest treetop walkway, Senda dil Dragun
Image Credit: Flims Laax

A Holiday Destination

Finally, they already have plans in place to make the walkway a must-do Christmas Holiday activity. They will turn Senda dil Dragun into a winter wonderland. There will be music and storytelling, as well as encounters with popular children’s story characters along the path. Don’t just come for the path, however! The Flims Laax region is also home to the largest snow park in the EU and the world’s largest halfpipe. (2)

For more information on prices, opening times, special events, and frequently asked questions visit the treetop walkway’s website.

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