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Walmart Customer Fills Up Dawn Dish Soap to Avoid “Getting Ripped Off”

When TikTok user @chemical.xxx decided to put up a video wondering if Walmart was ripping her off or not, she started a mini-war in her comments. The premise was simple- are we getting what we are paying for? If experts are to be believed, then yes.

But this social media user didn’t understand the concept of consumer goods that were being sold by volume. After discovering that there was an empty space at the top of a Dawn liquid soap bottle, she had already made up her mind.


Woman Accuses Walmart of Ripping Her Off: Gets Schooled By Users 

Here is the astonishing clip:


There’s a Reson for the Gap

As kids, we would also be quite upset at opening up a bag of chips and finding it half empty. The point of contention here is that we were kids- hence we didn’t have much clue. As it stands, even today there are tons of folks who are disappointed at apparently getting ‘tricked’ by the ‘Big Snack Industry’.

This begs the question- why is this so? If you are fortunate enough to know someone who has been working in the chip packaging industry- you would understand why this takes place. Even a Walmart worker might tell you that the bags of crisps are not filled with air- but gas. This gas helps preserve the freshness of the crisps- while preventing the crisps from breaking.

Even liquid soap companies follow the same principle- something which drew the ire of the woman- who then accused Walmart of it. In the case of liquid soap, there is a significant amount of space left at the top to prevent leakages. If the plastic container was filled to the brim, the product could lead to punctures and losses for the company. The losses would make the supply get lesser and lesser- leading to more demand. And as we know, more demand means higher prices. 

Ultimately, all of these products are sold by volume or weight, and this is clearly labeled on the package.

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The TikTok user’s clip did create quite a squabble in the comments section. Several users went ahead and castigated the woman for not understanding what volume was. One user wrote,

“You’re not getting ripped off, you are paying for a volume. There’s a space left in most things to avoid leaking or popping in transport.” Another user commented, “They literally wrote the amount of the liquid in the container, you’re not getting ripped off.” 


Some other users dropped in with facts to educate the Walmart-accusing woman. One user commented,

Chemical safety is that there must be a space in the container in case of a reaction to surrounding temps. That is for everyone’s safety.” Some even believed that the woman was simply being petty. An irate user stated, “Most petty thing I’ve seen in my life.


If that wasn’t enough, the woman did end up wasting another botter of Dawn soap while trying to accuse Walmart. This could lead to other customers staying away from purchasing- as a result of the actions of this user. A user commented,

Now you just ripped someone off lmao.”


So, what do you think? Is Walmart or Dawn dish soap ripping her off? Let us know in the comments!

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