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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 3, 2024 ·  2 min read

People Are Stunned To Learn They Can’t Put Their Palm On Their Shoulder

Apparently, TikTok users can’t understand why they cannot touch their shoulder with the corresponding palm.

Tiktok has birthed a lot of strange things, especially in the past year during the lockdown. We often watch these TikTok user’s videos and wonder what happened to logic. In the case of this new trend, however, we are stumped too![2]

TikTok users new trend

As I have noted, The latest thing to do as a TikTok user, is to attempt to touch your shoulder with your palm. But, you have to use the same hand as the shoulder you’re trying to touch.[1]

Basically, the phenomenon was discovered recently by Lauren Murphy. As a result, she shared this video to other TikTok users showing how she was unable to touch palm to shoulder.

The new trend went viral

Above all, who knew human limitation could be trendy? All things considered, it really is not as easy as it looks! Apparently, it is for both users of TikTok, as well as Twitter. Suddenly, a simple search for “palm shoulder” on Twitter reveals many others who have attempted this act.[1][2]

Of course, there are still a few people who actually can master this unachievable feat!

Consequently, it seems that the internet has been stumped about this phenomenon for many years. So, we dug up a 2012 thread on Gym Nation where user Pseudonym asked the very same question as the TikTok users did;

Simple question. Can you touch your right shoulder with your right hand, and your left shoulder with your left hand?

I can’t, and I’m wondering how many people are as inflexible as me. 😳


The thread continues with everyone agreeing that the reason why he can’t do it is due to “unusual leverages.”

So, are you able to touch your shoulder with the corresponding palm of your hand? Is it surprisingly simple for you or, do you too have an invisible force field stopping you? Give it a go and afterward let us know in the comments!

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