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Jade Small
Jade Small
September 10, 2021 ·  2 min read

Here’s a Tricky Riddle That’s Confusing So Many People! Can You Solve It?

Do you absolutely love giving your brain a tricky riddle to solve? Well, we have the perfect one for you to try out today! After browsing tons of riddles online, we came across one that is unbeatable. Many people have not been able to solve it, but we’re hoping you will find the answer. If you’re feeling extra brainy today, give it a try!

Besides being an extremely wonderful source of entertainment, a tricky riddle is a good exercise for your brain! According to The Irish Times, “Puzzles aren’t just great for improving concentration, but can also help boost your mental abilities. Your brain loves to learn, and that includes the skills you’ll need to solve a sudoku, crack a calcudoku or fill in a futoshiki. This suggests that you should tackle as many different types of puzzle as you can, and ignore the temptation to stick to what you already know. In other words, you’ll get the greatest mental benefit by solving puzzles you haven’t tried before.

This tricky riddle is certainly one you haven’t attempted before! If you’re ready to try it out and see how well you do, scroll down. Good luck!

Can you Solve this Tricky Riddle?

It’s not going to be easy, but that’s one of the main benefits. Solving riddles and brain teasers are something we should try to do almost every day. If you haven’t found your riddle or puzzle for today, then you’re in luck. We have the perfect one for you to solve below. Ready?

All you have to do is look at the image below, and spot the REAL dog. Hidden among several plush stuffed animals is a living, breathing, dog. Although it looks exactly like the others, it’s not! Are you able to spot the real dog in this tricky riddle? You only have 10 seconds! Let the countdown begin.


Time is up! Ten seconds have passed and you need to give your answer. Did you spot the real dog in the image above? We know this wasn’t an easy one to solve, but it’s definitely a good start to warm your brain up for the day. Besides having a strong cup of coffee or listening to some good music, a clever puzzle can wake you up the right way.

Well, if you chose number 1, you were wrong. Also, number 2 is incorrect. What about number 3- also wrong. If you look at number 4, although convincing, it is not the real dog. Did you choose number 5? If so, congratulations!

Dog number 5 is the real dog. Were you able to solve this tricky riddle? We were confused at first too, so if you didn’t get it right, don’t worry! In fact, give your brain some more challenges by trying out these fun puzzles below: