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Viewers heartbroken as Tom Jones performs emotional tribute to his late wife

Tom Jones has long been a favorite singer in the United Kingdom, and across the world. These days he is one of the judges for The Voice UK. In the first episode of the latest season of the show, Tom gave a tear-jerking performance in honor of his late wife. He sang one of his songs in tribute to her death. ‘I Won’t Crumble With You If You Fall’ is the song choice. The moment was very moving, leaving the audience and Tom’s co-judges feeling emotional and speechless.

Sir Tom Jones clapping his hands
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Tom Jones sings ‘I Won’t Crumble With You If You Fall

Sir Tom Jones is now 82 years old. In 2016, he lost his wife, Melinda Trenchard, due to lung cancer. He recently sang a tribute song in her honor during the first episode of the latest season of The Voice UK. During the show, the audience cheered him on and called for Tom to sing them a song. As a microphone was handed over to him, he chose one of his songs “I Won’t Crumble With You If You Fall” from the album “Surrounded By Time“.

Before he started singing, Tom gave a bit of context by saying how important the song was for him. ‘Now this song is very important to me. I try to pick songs that mean a lot to me. And this song is trying to tell you that people that you love, sometimes need to be backed up. You need to give them strength and encouragement.’

Tom Jones did not get up from where he was sitting on the judge’s panel, and he remained seated throughout his short performance. His fellow judges, Anne-Marie, Olly Murs, and were, noticeably moved by the song. They even started tearing up by the sheer emotional factor.

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Tom and Melinda

Tom Jones met his wife at the tender age of 12. They dated for four years and married her by the age of 16. They had a strong connection that lasted right up until she died in 2016. When Tom had finished singing his tribute to Melinda, he explained how the song came to be. “My wife, you know, she was dying of lung cancer,” said Tom, addressing the audience. “So, I said, you know, I was always able to fix stuff, to do things if she needed me I was always there.” He continued, “She said, ‘Don’t crumble with me, don’t fall now, you’ve done everything you can, you must carry on and do what you do.’ So I put the song, and when I heard it, it was like it was written for this situation. It’s a lovely song.”

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Words from the audience

Tom Jones’ song has since gone viral on social media. This meant that the audience was much larger than those who were in the studio during the performance. Those who saw the video of tom singing to his late wife were just as moved. Many people took to their social media accounts to comment on their approval.

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One person tweeted: “Oh my sweet baby Jesus… Tom Jones what an absolutely amazing singer. Tears rolling listening to him talk about his wife.” Another person said, “Sir Tom Jones, my god what a voice you have !! I’ll never know a person of your age to have such a magical voice, your a legend and I love ya.” Someone else admitted to tearing up. They said, “Just balled my eyes out listening to Tom Jones singing about his wife on The Voice. What an incredible man’ wrote one viewer.” Finally, another comment was made by someone said, “Tom Jones singing that beautiful song for his wife when she was dying. I’m in bits sobbing.”

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