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Elizabeth Taylor’s granddaughter looks like the actress’ reincarnation

Elizabeth Taylor was an actress of great influence. Her career grew fast, thanks to her determination and gumption. Not only was Elizabeth a great actress and humanitarian, but also a mother of four children. When her children had their own, it has been difficult to ignore the fact that one of them is the spitting image of the 1963 Cleopatra actress. She has been named the reincarnation of Elizabeth Taylor.

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What is Elizabeth Taylor famous for?

Taylor became famous pretty quickly. Her headstrong personality made her stand out among the rest. She was an iconic actress, as well as a humanitarian. You’ll most likely recognize her from several classic films like 1950’s Father of the Bride, 1958’s Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, and 1963’s Cleopatra. She was a Hollywood darling for decades. According to IMDb, Taylor has a whopping 79 acting credits to her name.

It was during the making of Cleopatra she met her co-star and future husband, Richard Burton. Even though the two were already married to other people, they could not deny their attraction. However, their love affair was on unstable grounds. They were divorced, remarried, and divorced again by 1975. Burton was not her second husband, but one of the eight marriages that Elizabeth was involved in.

In 1985, Taylor started her activist career. One of her good friends, Rock Hudson, who had been living with AIDS, had passed away from the disease. She put together an event called “Commitment to Life,” and co-founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AMFAR). In 1991, Taylor created her own organization in honor of assisting those with HIV and AIDS and are most in need. She named it the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF).

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Taylor’s reincarnation

Elizabeth Taylor has remained an inspiration to many women, young and old alike. Even though she passed away 10 years ago, her legend still thrives – on screen and off. Furthermore, the world has realized how much likeness one of her grandchildren shares with the female actress. Her name is Laela and she was born in 1973. Laela is now in her 50s, and despite being her spitting image, is also carrying on Taylor’s work as a humanitarian.

Laela is active in her role in the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. She is determined for the research to carry on. She said: “We are determined to support the legacy of our grandmother and let the world know the foundation is thriving.”

Laela gave an explanation for her grandmother’s determination with the AIDS crisis. “I think that she very early on felt touched by the AIDS crisis. She felt like people weren’t recognizing the urgency of need. So she put herself front and center in a very sincere way.”

An actress, but still a grandmother

Elizabeth Taylor might be a famous actress, AIDS activist, and international female role model. However, she is also the matriarch in her family. TODAY interviewed Naomi and Laela, during which they said: “I remember sitting on the floor of her dressing room and just watching her get ready — just watch this sort of transformation unfold,” said Naomi. “Just because somebody is a superstar doesn’t also mean that they can’t be a loving, squishy, delicious grandma who was always welcoming us in.”

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Correction Notice(08/12/2022): A previous version of this article erroneously stated that Elizabeth Taylor starred in “Grease lightning” [sic], and played the character Rizzo. Stockard Channing played the character Rizzo in the film, Grease. This false statement has been removed and additional information on Taylor’s film career has been added.