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Jade Small
April 21, 2024 ·  4 min read

Tom Jones ‘Never Kept Count’ of Affairs despite 59-Year Marriage to ‘the Love of His Life’

In the late 20th century, Tom Jones was hitting the peak of his music career. In case you didn’t know, this star was mostly famous for his songs, “Delilah,” “Till,” “A Boy From Nowhere,” and “It’s Not Unusual.” The famous Sex Bomb singer and songwriter has been mourning the loss of the love of his life, and loyal wife, Melinda, or Linda since her death in 2016. Despite their almost 60 years of marriage, Tom has admitted to sleeping with many other women throughout his career.

Tom Jones’ Background

Tom jones’ career was not short-lived. He produced great hits from the start of his career in the 1980s all the way through the millennia. Even though he was highly influenced by the American Blues and rock ‘n roll genres, his music was styled to please his British and European fanbase of his. In 2012, Jones became the presenter for the U.K television show “The Voice,” where he offered his well-earned knowledge as guidance for young and up-and-coming musicians and singers. 

Tom Jones spent a lot of his time in the limelight. He was not only famous for his music but his character too. This included his love life, inside and outside his marriage to Linda. He was famous for being promiscuous, and having numerous affairs. One of these affairs was with Katherine Berkery, during a tour in the US. Shortly after, the model found out she was pregnant, and using a DNA test, she found out that Tom Jones was the father. Allegedly, Tom and his second son, Jonathan Berkley, have not yet met in person. 

Melinda and Tom Jones had one son together, Marc Jones. He was born only a month after John and Linda’s wedding, so there is only a 17-year difference between the father and son, whom many have said look very much alike. 

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Tom Jones, the Unfaithful Lover

Tom Jones and his wife Milinda Trenchard were childhood sweethearts. They were married in 1957, both were 16 years old. Tom spoke about how he had fallen in love with Melinda when they were only 12 years old. They used to walk to school together in their hometown of Treforest, South Glamorgan in Wales. 

Despite the married couple’s love story, Tom has been open and honest about the many affairs he had over the years. He has admitted to sleeping with about 250 women per year at the height of his career. 

The name Tom Jones was associated with the name of many women. Some of these women were the former Miss World Marjorie Wallace, Charlotte Laws the TV presenter, and finally, none other than the mistress of the Night, Elvira, otherwise known as Cassandra Peterson. 

Tom was very popular on stage, and women would flock to greet him. Some would even attempt to throw their underwear at him while he performed. Linda remained in the background of his career for many years. Once she opened up to a friend saying she “never felt good enough to be Tom’s partner.” 

Linda’s Advice for Tom

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most artists took a step back, but not Tom Jones. He told an interviewer for People: “When we found out she was sick, I canceled the tour I was on and went to visit her in the hospital in Los Angeles. I told her I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sing anymore.”

Linda gave him some advice that has fueled his efforts with his music career. After Tom spoke about not being able to continue, he recalled her words to him: “But she told me, ‘You’ve got to. There’s no way out for me, I know where I’m going. But don’t die with me.‘”

In 2015, Tom Jones wrote a memoir of his life. In there he mentioned how Linda was the only love of his life. Tom said that he “never had that feeling for anyone else, I don’t think you can fall in love more than once”.

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