roll of toilet paper hanging from the wall

Personality Test: The Way People Hang Toilet Paper Might Reveal Lots Of Interesting Things About Them, Expert Says

How do you hang your toilet paper? Are you a staunch roll-over person, or a definitive roll-under kind of style? Or, have you never even paid attention to or thought to care until now? Well, according to some research, the way you hang toilet paper in your home could actually say a few things about your personality – and your earning power.

What How You Hang Your Toilet Paper Says About Your Personality

That’s right: Some researchers decided to determine once and for all what the way you hang toilet paper means. What they’ve determined is that there are three groups: Those who hang over, those who hang under, and those who don’t care. They then determined that there are certain personality traits associated with each of these groups. Dr. Gilde Carle surveyed 2000 people and this is what she found. (1)

Roll Over 

These people like to be in charge. They value order and organization. Over-hangers are likely to be overachievers. Apparently, some roll-overs feel so strongly about their position that they change the direction of the roles in other people’s homes.

Roll Under

These people tend to be more relaxed and dependable. They typically seek relationships with strong foundations.

No Preference

These people prefer to minimize conflict. They appreciate the flexibility and like to experience new things. No-preference rollers enjoy being in new situations and places.

“Assertive (roll over) people are more likely to be in leadership roles and to have a take-charge attitude. Those hanging the roll ‘under’ are more likely to be submissive. Submissive people tend to be more agreeable, flexible and empathetic.” says Dr. Carle.

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How You Hang Toilet Paper Correlates To Your Salary

Apparently, these traits are then also correlated to how much earning power you have as an individual. Another survey found that almost three out of four people who roll under make under $20,000, whereas nearly two out of three people who make over $50,000 roll over. (2)

So what does this mean? If you change the way you roll, will you automatically make more money? I don’t think it’s out of line for me to say… obviously not. But what you can do is look at these associated personality traits and figure out how they might help you earn more. 

For example, roll-unders are more likely to be submissive whereas roll-overs are more likely to take initiative and take charge. These are leadership characteristics. People with the roll-over traits are more likely to move up in the work world further and faster, therefore earning a larger salary. Taking charge or being more assertive at work may not come naturally to you, but you can teach yourself to do so. Little by little, you can speak up more at work. Make your opinions and ideas known. With practice, you will become the leader (and salary earner) that you want to be.

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