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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 28, 2024 ·  3 min read

Don’t Throw Out Your Soap Ends

Using a bar of soap instead of a bottle of body wash is an affordable way to keep clean. Not to mention, it is far better for the environment! However, there comes a time in your soap’s short life when it is reduced to a sliver of what it once was. You could throw those soap ends away or try to use what’s left. We have devised a clever list of soap hacks that will help you use every last piece you can out of your bar of soap.

1. Melt down the soap ends

Throwing away your soap ends is a waste, and it isn’t earth-friendly either. When your soap bar gets to the point that it is impossible to use while cleaning yourself, don’t throw it away! Get a container and put your soap ends in there. Then, once you have a few stored up, pop them in a pot, and melt them down. Here you can add some essential oils to make it more fragrant. After that, you can get a mold in any shape, pour the liquid soap in there, and make a new bar of soap.

Melting down soap ends in double boiler
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2. Make liquid soap with soap ends

As we suggested previously, store up your soap ends in a container. Then, once you have enough to equate to a quarter of a bar of soap you are ready. Grate the soap ends with a grater, and melt them down in a double boiler. Next, add one quart of water and stir until it has all mixed together. Pout into a dispenser and wait 24 hours for it to make a gel-like consistency. The more soap you add, the more thick the gel will be.

Once soap ends, now liquid soap
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3. Keeping fingernails clean

If you plan to get down and dirty in your garden for the day, you might want to try this nifty trick to help keep your nails clean. Keep an old soap end in your gardening toolbox. Before you start digging, run your nails over the soap surface, so it scratches off and collects in the tips of your nails. This will make cleaning the dirt that inevitably collects there much easier.

Soap ends help keep fingernails clean
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4. Keep open fire pots and pans clean with soap ends

Big fan of open flame cooking? This one is for you. Keep the bottom of your pots and pans in good condition by rubbing your old soap ends on the bottom. The soot that collects will not cake but wash off easily.

rub soap ends on the bottom of your pots and pans
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5. Make mosquito bites stop itching!

This one will be a god-send for those living in warmer countries where mosquitoes thrive. If you get bitten, you can make it stop itching by rubbing a piece of soap on the bite. The itch will stop annoying you soon enough. Furthermore, keep a soap end in your bedside drawer for easy access, and it will make it smell nice.

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Rub soap ends on itchy bite to make it stop itching
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6. Store your soap with clean linen

When your soap bar becomes too small, you can keep the soap ends in your underwear drawer or your clean linen closet. This will keep your clean laundry smelling fresher for linger.

Store soap ends with clean laundry
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7. DIY loofah

This is a nifty trick with added exfoliation benefits. What more could you want? Next time you’re out grocery shopping, buy yourself some mesh bags. These can be plastic, but you do have the hemp or cotton options which are less harmful to the planet (just saying…). Put your soap ends inside the mesh bag, and then lather it up. The mesh will keep the soap from slipping out your hand and makes a great loofah to exfoliate your body.

Put soap ends into mesh bag
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8. Write with soap ends

For those who are avid crafters or possibly salespeople. Soap makes a great medium for writing on windows because it washes right off. It acts like a wax crayon when dry and lathers into liquid when you add water. Furthermore, you could use it as a marker when sewing. Instead of buying additional wax crayons designed for sewing, you can save money by keeping your soap ends.

writing with soap ends on window
Image credit: Pinterest

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