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Pizzeria puts shelter dogs on pizza boxes to help them get adopted!

Imagine this… It’s a Friday night, and you finally have a night in at home, safely tucked away from any temptations. While enjoying a glass of wine, the doorbell rings, and you leap up in excitement. The pizza you ordered has arrived! You rush your delivery person through the process of paying, the smell is making your mouth water, and you simply can’t wait any longer. Armed with the warm box underwing, you sit back on the sofa, ready to enjoy your meal. But, what’s this? A picture of a doe-eyed brown pup called ‘Bonzo’ is looking back up at you! And, he needs a home. Fast forward 2 months – it’s Friday night again. Except, this time you’re not at home alone. Why? Because you now have a pupper companion chilling on the sofa with you.


Putting shelter dogs on pizza boxes

Last year March, a New York Pizzeria called Just pizza & Wing Co. started putting flyers of dogs on pizza boxes with the intention to find them forever homes. These unsung heroes even offered a gift card valued at $50 to anyone who actually adopted a dog from the Niagara Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (NSPCA). How scrumptious![1]


This all started when the owner of the Pizzeria, Mary Alloy, along with her three sons volunteered their services at the NSPCA. They were helping out wherever they could and inventing new ways to promote dog adoption. Kimberly LaRussa, an SPCA event coordinator, contacted her with the idea of using Just Pizza’s pizza boxes to distribute the flyers. Being a devoted animal lover, Mary and her family immediately got permission from the franchise. And then, the flyers started going out along with the pizzas!

flyer for a homeless dog at Niagara SPCA
Niagara SPCA

According to Mary, her favorite part of the whole thing were the reactions they received.  Their customers were raving about the flyers and posting about the dogs. Their customers were pleading to their friends who may have space for a dog in need. And would you believe it, it only took one day for a puppy to be adopted! I wonder how many puppies have been adopted since then? Here is what Kimberly LaRusso told CNN, after images went viral of people posting pictures of the pizza boxes:[2]


“Many people want to order a pizza just to get the shelter dog photo, other pizzerias have offered to put flyers on their pizza boxes, and so many people are tagging their friends and family.”

This clearly has been a win-win situation for both parties involved. Just Pizza & Wing Co. are getting a substantial amount more business because of the novelty they have created. Not to mention the dear dogs are getting far more exposure than before! Therefore, this will undoubtedly help lead to them finding a loving home!


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Other Great Adoption Promotions

Even though the pizza box flyers are amazingly unique, there are other great ideas that do work! Take a look:


The Shelter Pet Project has been taking animals ready for adoption and making funny clips with them to attract prospective ‘fur’ parents. In this video, you’ll see a newly adopted cat discussing how his new human likes to play in the “litter box.” What a cool and unique idea![3]


Or, have a look at another commercial by the Los Angeles Animal Services. While they aren’t putting dogs on pizza boxes, they use their videos to show you real-life situations from a dog’s perspective.[4]


We all know that cats draw attention on social media. Even those who are non-cat-lovers find them interesting and hilarious! If a cat being a cat attracts attention, then raving cats adorned in fluorescent colors and glow sticks would definitely do the trick! See the poster below![5]

poster for an adoption event
via ACCT Philly

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