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Dog suffering from ‘broken heart’ after owner’s death can’t find a home

A dog is left homeless and with a broken heart after his owner died. The Staffordshire bull terrier cross was once full of life, but ever since the tragedy, he lost his “spark”. Albert’s story made headlines as many people pitied the dog with such human-like grief. He resided at the Good Life Dog Rescue shelter, waiting for a new home. Soon, his new forever family would come and rescue him. [1]

A Dog With a Broken Heart 

According to their Facebook page, Good Life Dog Rescue is a nonprofit “dog rescue charity helping stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire. We have many dogs for adoption and accept support and donations. We exist on volunteers.” 

On Nov 25, they posted about Albert’s predicament on their Facebook page. They explain how much Albert loves cuddles and human interaction; they seem to cheer him up with memories of living with his previous owner. The volunteers often found him curled up with his eyes open, silently mourning. He’s nine years old, a senior at the kennel. However, the organization became determined to find him a home for the holidays. 

Image Credit: Good Life Dog Rescue | Facebook

We have visions of Albert curled up by an open fire this Christmas next to his new owners’ slippers,” they wrote. “Happy are we that the heartbroken Albert face is gone and back is one happy staffy smile.” 

The post went viral with over 46 thousand shares. People’s hearts went out to the poor dog, and many even applied to adopt him. Some shared photos and beautiful stories about their rescued dogs. Many people related to Albert’s grief, sharing thoughts about the passing of their own beloved pup companions. [2] 

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People Come to Albert’s Rescue 

Two days later, Good Life Dog Rescue returned to Facebook to share the good news: Albert had a meet and greet that coming Saturday. They thanked everyone who offered to bring Albert home. “We had over 75 calls yesterday and over 50 applications for Albert. This Saturday he has a meet and greet with potential adopters and also many local people waiting in the wings.” They also reminded people that they had more ‘Lonely Heart’ dogs like Albert who needed a good home. 

People were ecstatic about Albert good fortune and they all wished him luck on his upcoming meeting.  

Best of luck, Albert,” one commenter wrote. “Your story broke my heart. Now hoping you receive the best Christmas present with a loving forever home.” 

On November 28, came another update. Albert was reserved. 

Today our handsome chap had two lovely visitors. He has been taken out on a long walk and spent time in the run with his new parents to be,” they wrote. They looked forward to rehoming him to a place they hoped would mend his broken heart. 

“We are overwhelmed at the huge response we have received for Albert from all over the country. Our boy has become quite a celebrity having found himself in the national papers. We have received over 200 calls and equally as many applications in the last three days”. The volunteers work overtime at the shelter and it was inspiring to have so many people interested in their missions of finding homes for the dogs in time for the holidays. 

Albert Finds a Home

Finally, on November 30, Albert found his new forever home with Garth and Jo in Gainsborough. Albert struggled with sorrow that was only exasperated by living at the kennel. At his new home, he had already “eaten a hearty tea, been for a walk around the village and even played with his new toy rabbit”. 

The volunteers at the rescue shelter saw Albert’s smile for the first time in many days when he jumped into his new owners’ car. “This is one staffy smile that will never be forgotten along with a homeless to happy story that has gladdened hearts on the approach to Christmas.” 

Image Credit: Good Life Dog Rescue | Facebook

The comments filled with well-wishes for the hound. 

I am so happy for Albert and his new owners,” said one user. “They are so lucky to have found each other. Have a happy life folks and thank you to Good Life. Yet another remarkable ending. ♥️♥️” 

I hope all the people who made contact will consider rehoming one of the other dogs in need of a home,” added another commenter. “We had our beautiful rescue girl after her owner died and we love her to bits.” 

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Dogs With Broken Hearts Need a Good Home 

The Good Life Dog Rescue Charity has a number of hounds like Albert trying to find a home in time for the holidays. Like Mason, a Staffy cross Whippet. He’s friendly and loves people, but he’s having a hard time adjusting to kennel life. The volunteers originally found him tied up and abandoned outside of a kennel. He loves attention, cuddles, and connects very quickly with people. There’s also Bronte, a nine-yearold, stunning Stafford cross Labrador. She suffers from lumps from having so many litters and she needs a loving home to support her as she heals. There’s also a sweet puppy named Snoop, a five-month-old Saluki cross. He’s lived a difficult life so far but he loves walks and cuddles. [3] 

To check out more dogs looking for a good home, check out the Good Life Dog Rescue website. Or, if you live in another area, check out your local dog shelter. 

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