dalmatian in snow

Man Challenges People To Try And Spot His Dalmatian In Snowy Photos

Everyone loves a good puzzle, one that really makes you stop, think, and look for the answer. Why else would Where’s Waldo books be so popular? I remember spending hours as a kid trying to find that little man in the striped shirt. Now, a new puzzle picture has taken the internet by storm: Where’s Max the Dalmatian?

Max is a Dalmatian dog. It’s a breed that pretty much everyone knows from films like 101 Dalmatians. Dalmatians are known for being white and covered with black spots. The origins of the breed are a little murky, but they rose to prominence in 17th century England as fashionable carriage dogs for noble people, merchants, and other well-to-do folks.

Their unique instincts also made them popular in firehouses of old, where they could be seen running alongside firehouse wagons on their way to put out a fire. The dogs would bark and help clear the streets of people so that the carriage could quickly reach its destination.

But for Paul Gallagher, a fellow living in Glasgow, UK, Max is just a buddy. One who can be pretty hard to spot when there’s a snowy day. It was when Paul snapped a shot of Max enjoying some private time in a snowy yard that he had the idea to challenge people on Twitter to find the dog.

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Can you find the Dalmatian?

Whilst you all post your stunning pics here’s mine. Max my Dalmatian is doing a **** so go find him,” he wrote on Twitter. Rude!

snowy landscape
Image credit: Twitter user @PaulGall67

Some Twitter users claimed that they found the dog almost instantly, while others had a much harder time. Speaking for myself, I couldn’t find the dog until I later saw the dog circled in the image. And even then, I could still barely make out the dog having a private moment.

A bit later, Paul shared another image of Max having a fun dog time in a snowy forest and again, the Twitter community at large ran into the same problem.

snowy forest trail
Image credit: Twitter user @PaulGall67

Seemingly enjoying how frustrated he was making everyone on the platform, Paul reprised Max’s role for a third time, posting a third photo of the Dalmatian enjoying a snowy walk near some concrete stairs.

snowy field with concrete stairs
Image credit: Twitter user @PaulGall67

Paul’s choice to share these challenging images of his dog enjoying some fun outdoor time stemmed from what he felt was a tough year where everyone could use a relaxing break.

“2020 has been a year of upset for most of us on different platforms and if Max and I can help make one person laugh from these then we’ve done a good job,” Paul says.

Even users who had trouble finding the dog in the pictures took it in good humor. “Are you sure you’ve no spelled snow leopard wrong? I have failed the challenge,” wrote one user.

Were you able to find Max? Here are the images with Max circled, in case you can’t find him!

snowy landscape with dog circled
Image credit: Twitter user @PaulGall67
snowy landscape with dog circled
Image credit: Twitter user @PaulGall67
Image credit: Twitter user @PaulGall67

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