How many triangles puzzle

Simple puzzle is exposing how terrible everyone is at math

Sometimes the best way to wake up the brain is giving it a little jolt with some simple puzzles. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, then you might find this simple puzzle to be more difficult after a first glance. It may seem simple, but in actuality, this puzzle is stumping even some of the smartest minds. Do you think you have what it takes to solve this puzzle?

Try This Simple Triangle Puzzle

One image of simple triangle math puzzle.
Image Credit: Twitter | Jitesh Pillai

The question for this puzzle is: how many triangles are in this picture? You have to consider every single shape within the bigger triangle. Think about what makes a triangle. This simple puzzle turns into a real headscratcher the more you look at it and try to think about the answer. Do you think you have it figured out yet? Take a few tries to get the answer. Some people have attempted this puzzle at least several times before giving up.

Image Source: Popular Mechanics

There have been multiple answers to this question, and only a few have been able to get it right. Did you guess 4? Did you guess 10? Much to everyone’s surprise, the answer is 18. How is this possible, you ask? Take a look at the demonstration presented above. This person took every single aspect of the triangle into consideration. It’s not just the lines you need to look at but the shapes that every single line creates. This is a true test of your math skills and how keen your eye is at seeing finer details.

Other Challenging Puzzles

If you’re really wanting to further test your math capabilities, you can sharpen your skills with this math test. This simple little test gives you a menagerie of math problems with multiple choice as the answers. You will have to be able to answer with multiplying, division, addition, subtraction, percentages, and even decimals. Some of these problems might be easier than others but it’s entirely based on your math skills. Very few people have been able to score a 100% on this test. See if you can be one of the lucky few who are able to do this test without a calculator, too!

However, if you’re looking for something that isn’t math based, this next puzzle we recommend revolves around how literate you are. If you’re an articulate person then you might find these to be very easy. All you have to do is try to guess which letter(s) are missing from these specific words. You are given multiple choice so it really makes you question what could possibly be missing from these simple words. It’s a lot harder than you think especially if you’re someone that doesn’t like to read that much.

Be sure you’re not cheating and using google to your advantage! The only thing you get from cheating is cheating yourself out of knowledge. Through failure you are able to learn more than you would through success. Take these little lessons as small opportunities to improve yourself!

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Correction Notice (07/11/2023): This article originally included an image that displayed the incorrect answer of 24 triangles. A new image displaying the correct answer of 18 has been added.