Here’s Exactly How Long You Can Stay at Someone’s House Before Wearing out Your Welcome

The holidays are here, and that means most people are prepping for one of two things. You’re most likely planning to host the holidays at your house with out-of-town guests and relatives or maybe you’ll be visiting someone else’s house, making you an out-of-town relative. Either way, it can be hard to know exactly what the right amount of time is to spend at someone’s house.


Preparing for a New Environment

Part of the dilemma is stress. When staying at someone else’s home or having guests stay at your home, there is an overwhelming amount of pressure. It can be hard to sleep in a different environment, one that isn’t specifically suited to your needs. Furthermore, we don’t want to inconvenience our loved ones, and often feel guilty when they go out of their way to make us feel more comfortable. You also feel pressure to clean the house, stock up on groceries, make the beds and the list goes on. Experts have weighed in to prevent folks from overstaying their welcome this holiday season. 


Conducting a Survey

Serta Simmons surveyed 2,000 participants as part of their hope to better understand how sleep becomes disrupted. 49% of participants stated they believe 4 days or more is too much time to spend at someone else’s home. Furthermore, estimates showed that hosts often lose around 2-2 ½ hours of sleep when they have guests in their homes. Additionally, 75% of participants also said their sleep schedule is disrupted when they are guests because they feel an obligation to go to bed and wake up at, or around the same time as their host. 


Sleep Experts Offer Advice

JD Velilla is the head of sleep experience at Serta Simmons Bedding. Velilla stated, “Whether hosting guests or staying with a friend or family member this holiday season, it’s important to prioritize a good night’s sleep.” Continuing, “When and where possible, try to stick to your normal routine, which may include daily exercise, consistent mealtimes and sleep/wake times, and pre-sleep activities like meditation.” So, 3 days is the sweet spot, but 4 days is also acceptable, assuming you’re from far away or rarely see your host. In that case, you may even be welcome to stay a few extra days. 

Hosts, often wanting to leave a good impression on their guests, don’t often speak up when guests have overstayed. Here is some advice to help you break the news as gently as possible. Firstly, it is recommended to solidify a plan before arrival. Speak with all your guests ahead of time so everyone knows when arrival and departure should be.


Meeting Your Needs Too

Furthermore, it is recommended to start dropping hints early. You can say things like, “it’s been so lovely having you here”, “I really hope everything goes well with your travels back home”, or “would you like me to pack some leftovers to take with you?” These are all kind options, wishing your guests well as they prepare to, hopefully, end their visit. Lastly, setting more clear boundaries and solidifying plans earlier, for future gatherings. In doing so, you’ll eliminate anyone feeling unwelcomed or resentful.

It can be hard to know what the right amount of time to spend with loved ones is, because we do love them after all. However, it is perfectly ok to want your home back, and some time alone to recharge after the holiday season. There’s a lot of possible toxicity from spending too much time with family or their friends. Remember to be respectful but also that your needs matter just as much as being a good host or guest this holiday season. 

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