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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 1, 2024 ·  5 min read

People Are Raving Over ‘Under-The-Radar’ Country For Holidays

Holidays can be a great time for some rest and relaxation. And if your bank account supports it, why not take a trip as well? We must have come across our family friends, or even our own families, going to exotic locations. They come back bearing gifts, photos, and memories. And tell us if we are lying, but this sparks a desire within us to visit as well. Now, with over 7.9 billion people on earth, one can understand if certain popular tourist destinations have become too popular. After all, in certain countries tourism is a booming business, and they do all they can to attract tourists. But for each individual tourist, being packed up in the place can often be nauseating. And this is when people turn to look at other places not traveled through often. 

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Recently, people have been surveying locations that are quite under the radar. This could be countries in Eastern Europe or even certain island nations in Oceania. Or, these could be countries one skipped over to meet their more famous neighbor. One such country that people usually overlook but have started paying more attention to, is Albania. This Eastern European country has clear blue waters, reasonable prices of alcohol, and beach clubs that are exclusive. For a tourist from another country- this sounds like a sweet deal! People on social media have been raving about this place. The small country finds itself nestled between Greece and Montenegro and overlooks the Adriatic Sea. Ever since the pandemic saw a meteoric fall, people have been frequenting this relatively quiet place. 

Albania Should Be On Your Bucket List To Tour In The Holidays

TikTok had definitely served its purpose in elevating this country as an ideal location for holidays. One of the beach resorts in Ksamil has been viewed 60 million times on the site. So, even if 1% of that audience were to visit the location, it would lead to a massive boom in the Albanian economy. And it is definitely not difficult to see why it has attracted such a big audience. The beaches comprise golden sand, crystal clear water, and far lesser crowds. [1]


Now if people were planning to visit Albania over the holidays, there are definitely a lot of things to do. Tour operators in the country have been on a rise with people wanting a bit of modernity along with the history of the place. One of the biggest marketing agencies for Balkan tourism, New Deal Europe, states, “Albania is one of those small and diverse destinations that can offer a bit of everything to everyone, similar to Montenegro or Slovenia.” The spokesperson, Tine Murn, also mentioned that Albania held a special appeal because it was a “Mediterranean undiscovered gem and still held a sense of the exotic, even though it is geographically very close.”

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The East European Country has Been Receiving a Lot of Traction On Social Media

Ever since the dictatorship ended in this Balkan country, things have been changing rapidly. Today, Albania is much easier to travel to, and tourists can find comfortable accommodation throughout. In order to assist tourism during the holidays, a new road has been built. This road connects the eastern mountains with the western coastline. In the United Kingdom, attraction for Albania has also grown through a few celebrities- which include pop stars Rita Ora and Dua Lipa. Traveling to and fro from the country is also quite simple. Anyone traveling from the UK would easily get a flight to Tirana, the capital. Skyscanner, a bookings website in the country, recently noted that there was an increase of 48% in bookings to the Balkan country. [2]

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Elton Cauchi of Albanian Trip has stated, “Croatia came on to the map at the end of the ex-Yugoslavian conflicts, Bulgaria and Romania surprised Europe with their beauty and history when they became part of the EU, and now the continent is eager to discover more. The day has come for one of the very last secrets of Europe.”

Albania Is A Safe Place- So Simply Enjoy Your Holidays!

If one wanted a taste of the rich history of Albania, the best route would be through hilltop towns and fortresses. One could also visit Kruje, the first capital of the country, or other places like Berat. One would also find several Roman and Greek ruins in Butrint and Apollonia. The landscape has also been dotted with bunkers created by the Communist regime, which could provide an insight into the dictatorial leadership of Enver Hoxha till 1985.

Hiking in the Landscapes of the Valbona Alps around the village of Theth, Albania
Hiking in the Landscapes of the Valbona Alps around the village of Theth, Albania | Shutterstock

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For those who care more about mountains, the Albania Alps are truly a sight to behold. The mountain range boasts an excellent hiking trail. One could easily come across some of the cleanest rivers on the continent, coupled with isolated villages and stunning views. A new road called Arber has also opened up connecting the east with the west. So, one would be able to find themselves moving from the historical Albanian mountains to the modern coastline. [3]

But there are certain things one should know before venturing into Albania during the holidays. Firstly, the citizens are extremely friendly. Therefore, if you ever think you are lost- ask for directions. With tourism developing at a rapid pace, many citizens have started speaking English. Also, Albania is one of the safest countries in Europe. Public safety, according to the UK Foreign Office, is quite good. One can easily travel to Albania with a loved one, family, or even solo- and there would be no reason to worry about safety. 

Albania is not an expensive place to tour for your average European during the holidays. Although Tirana, the capital, is quite an expensive place- one wouldn’t have to spend as much as other European destinations. Most forms of public transport have a very low fee, as are museums. Parks are generally free. While Euros are accepted in hotels, other places and shops might simply accept only Albanian Lek. Therefore, it would be prudent to carry some cash- and not just credit cards.

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