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Chloe Crawford
Chloe Crawford
December 2, 2023 ·  5 min read

Hair Colorist Help Clients Gradually Ditch the Dye and Embrace Their Grey

When the time comes, will you embrace grey?

If you don’t want to, I totally get it. I mean, we’ve lived our whole lives with blond, brown, black, or even red hair, and then all of a sudden grey hair starts to appear? That seems totally unfair!

Although grey hair can be perceived as one of the cruel gifts of getting older, it’s totally natural and happens to everyone eventually. Grey hair isn’t something we should be ashamed of; all it does is prove to the world that we have a little more wisdom than a 22-year-old. 

Most women who are in their 30s should see a few grey hairs here and there, but by the time they get into their 50s, about half of their scalp hairs turn grey. Like wrinkles, silver flocks are part of aging. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with them,” says trichologist Madeleine Preston [1]. 

Meet Jack Martin, a celebrity hairstylist who will help you embrace grey

Jack Martin developed a technique that makes his clients feel confident and beautiful while gradually ditching the dye to embrace their greys. Here are 10 of his most recent Instagram posts that will show you just how beautiful grey hair can really be. 

1. Color Dyed to Ashy grey

Image Credit: Jack Martin, Colorist | Instagram

Martin uses his Instagram account to explain his gradual process. First, he uses a color extractor that helps remove any remaining hair dye. Second, he bleaches the hair while leaving the grey roots completely untouched. To get this process 100% correct, Martin requires every client to grow out three to four inches of their roots. This allows Martin to see their natural color and the pattern it grows in. And finally,  he bases their natural grey color on the pattern that it has grown [1].

2. Ditch your box red and embrace your grey

Image Credit: Jack Martin, Colorist | Instagram

“This beautiful client came to me Northern California with hair that had multi different light and dark brassy colors; she was seeking gray silver ashy color to blend and match her gray roots so she can stop coloring her hair every 3-4 weeks, total service was 8 hours and one session, I started the long process by cutting her length about 3 inches with layers and face-framing, then I weaved the whole head starting from where her gray roots start,”.

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3. Tired of up-keeping your hair? Try grey

Image Credit: Jack Martin, Colorist | Instagram

This woman left feeling lighter after being incredibly tired of upkeep her dyed hair. 

4. Nine hours and worth it

Image Credit: Jack Martin, Colorist | Instagram

This gorgeous client drove from Northern California to come and get her hair done by me. It took about 9 hours, one session.”

5. Want to embrace grey? Here’s the process

Image Credit: Jack Martin, Colorist | Instagram

A lot of people, stylists, and clients always ask me to post a photo of how my silver transformations look like after a few weeks or months, this beautiful client came to me for a silver transformation over 3 months ago then came back last week for toner and trim. The client was extremely happy with the way it’s holding, it looked very natural, and you can’t see any line of demarcation between her natural roots and the rest of her hair that has been worked on previously, she got lots of compliments, but she followed carefully all maintenance steps I asked her to do, purple shampoo, shampoo once a week with cold water, eliminate the use of hot tools, use a deep conditioning mask once a week, use @k18hair leave-in repair mask. I hope this post answers a lot of people’s concerns about the upkeeps and the fading process”.

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6. It’s all about the ashy greys

Image Credit: Jack Martin, Colorist | Instagram

This client came to see Martin with dark box dyed hair and left feeling naturally gorgeous, embracing her natural ashy grey hair.

7. From blond to dark grey

Image Credit: Jack Martin, Colorist | Instagram

“This client came to me to blend and match her golden blonde hair with her natural salt and pepper 4 inches roots. I didn’t use any lightener to achieve this; I just played with colors to match her root color”.

8. Grown out roots to a natural masterpiece

Image Credit: Jack Martin Colorist | Instagram

Red to icy silver transformation in one 10 hours session. This beautiful client came to me from Northern California seeking natural grey transformation to blend with her 3 inches natural silver regrow so she can stop coloring her hair red that she has done for years”.

9. Embrace Grey with Silver Balayage

Image Credit: Jack Martin Colorist | Instagram

This beautiful client had Salt and pepper Virgin hair with dark-colored brassy ends. The plan was to create silver balayage and connect it with her natural salt and pepper roots”.

10. If a man can embrace grey, so can you!

Image Credit: Jack Martin, Colorist | Instagram

If this man @berzinsky can rock silver hair without been tortured, pressured, or called names, then any woman can rock silver hair even more significantly beautiful; it’s all about being decisive and having a strong will and personality that will brighten your face with beauty and power. We have to strongly change the idea about wearing your silver hair being old, look at my beautiful clients, how gorgeous and determined they look with their silver hair. Maturing is not a crime because we are all going forward, not backward, but the wrongdoing is to let society pressure you to act differently than who you truly are. Each age has its magnificence and experience, and it’s so wonderful to live it and make the most of its Beauty; nonetheless, I am not encouraging ladies to go grey, yet I am empowering those who are ready to go grey not to fear people’s approval or assessment because regardless of what you do in life you will always hear censured by negative thoughts. Be yourself, be happy, and live a comfortable, stress-free life.”

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