Eye Test | Can You Correctly Guess The Number Hidden In This Image?

It is always a good idea (eye-dea?) to put your eyes to the test every once in a while! After all, everything in your body could use a little workout now and then. This little test will definitely give your optic nerve the bit of work that it needs. Can you see the number that is hidden in the image below? Scroll down to find out.


Can You See The Number Hidden In This Image

When we test our eyes to find something that isn’t immediately obvious, we aren’t just testing our eyes. This is also a good way to put your mind to work. After all, your brain controls everything that you do and everything that happens in your body. Putting it to the test regularly helps to keep it – and you – healthy!

Below is an image. At first glance, it looks like just a plane image of what looks to be an above shot of grass or turf. There is more to this image than first meets the eye, however. Inside this image, there is a hidden number. Apparently, only one in three people who try this are actually able to see it. How acute is your eyesight? Let’s put it to the test! Have a look at the image below and see what you find.

Green image with hidden number
Image Credit: World Wide Trivia

So, what did you find? Were you able to see a number hidden in there? If yes, what number did you see? Regardless of whether you have found anything, we suggest taking a second look, just to be sure. Then, when you’re ready, scroll down for the big reveal.


The Answer

If you were able to see a number, congratulations! You were at least able to see something. If you are sitting there very confused and unable to see anything but green fuzz, don’t worry. You are not alone. As already mentioned, the majority of people who attempt this test are unable to see anything.

For those who could find the number, which number did you get? If you’re confident in your answer and ready to see whether or not you’re right, we’ll tell you what number is hidden there. Ready? The correct answer is 571!

Confused? Doubling back trying to find both the five and the seven? We’ll clear it up for you. Check out the picture below to help you see both numbers. Once you see it, you won’t be able to un-see it.


Still having a hard time? Here, we’ve put another image below where we have outlined the five and seven. Look at that one, then see if you can see the number in the other images.


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Correction Notice (11/20/2021): A previous version of this incorrectly stated the answer was 57 when it is actually 571. It has since been corrected.

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