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Opinion: Let’s Talk About How Disgusting Olives Are

Are you somebody who likes olives? If you are, then you are in for a whole lot of olive bashing. 


For some reason, they have become some sort of a delicacy in America. For example, when we see them, it’s usually in a fancy spread surrounded by gourmet cheeses, crackers, spreads, and of course, wine! Tapenade anyone?


We view them as fancy, something you savor to enjoy. You need to build up a palette to understand the different flavors that go into all of the different kinds of these round salty ‘snacks.’ However, if you need to build up a liking for something… doesn’t it just kinda suck?


Honestly, I think it’s time we all become honest and just admit that they are kinda gross. 

Bowl of olives stuffed with pimentos
These look yummy. Just kidding, they’re gross.
Image via: Dan Hodgett | Flickr

Olives come in all different ‘kinds’ but they’re all the same flavor

Firstly, can we talk about how there are like a BILLION types of these things? There are green, black, stuffed, more green ones. But tell me the truth, can you REALLY tell the difference? Like for real? 


I only ask because every single one tastes the exact same to me: salty, gross, and more salty.


Why are olives in EVERYTHING?

Have you ever noticed that they are in pretty much every single food group??


Just look at how many different meals olives just somehow find themselves in.


Olives on pizza

Poll: Olives - Way or No Way? | Serious Eats
If you put them on pizza we can’t be friends. Unpopular opinion, pineapple is delicious. Image via: Serious Eats

We put them on bread that already has olives in it??

A Double Olive Bread Recipe To Make With Leftover Olive Juice | HuffPost  Life
Fancy olives = expensive charcuterie. Image via: Huff Post

There olives in nachos?

The BEST Nachos Recipe (Loaded Baked Nachos) | Good Life Eats
Olives on nachos. Um, yuck. Image via Good Life Eats

Why are they in my DRINKS???

Dirty martini recipe | BBC Good Food
A Dirty martini. Image Credit: BBC Goodfood

I accept that I don’t get to choose what recipes have in them; however, the flavor is so intrusive that even if you pick it off, it only tastes like salt. 


Do people actually like them?

Correct me if I’m wrong but if they are in e in so many different foods, people must actually like them??? 


So to conclude: Olives suck and they keep ruining my pizza

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