camouflaged moth on tree branch

90% Of Viewers Can’t See The Big Animal Hiding In This Photo! How About You?

Boredom can come at any time, and in any place. It does not discriminate simply because you are at work, or sick at home and stuck in bed. There often comes a time in our lives when we reach that point of boredom and it is up to us to get ourselves out of this mess. A mind game is the best way to beat such annoyances, like not knowing what to do, or feeling drained by what you are required to do. Our brains tend to go all foggy when we are bored, so it is best to keep it on its best behavior and act on top form. A little bit of exercise never hurts anyone, and this is the best exercise your brain can get.

Today our brain teaser or picture riddle is all about how much attention to detail you have. Are you able to spot that needle in the haystack (figure of speech of course) do you have a keen vision? If you think that you will make the cut, then try this visual brain teaser on for size. The aim of the game is to find the hidden, or hiding, animal in the picture below:

broken sticks with camouflaged insect
©Michael Blencowe via Sussex Wildlife Trust

Picture Source

It has been said that only 10% of the world’s population is able to see the animal that is hidden in the picture. That means that a whopping 90% of us will not be able to see it. That is a large amount, so we ask you to give this picture a quick study, can you see it? 

As a little background information on this pic, it was first shared by the Sussex Wildlife Trust on their Twitter page. It obviously captured the eyes of all animal lovers, and brain teaser boffins out there because it has gone viral since then! Have you worked out what animal is lurking in the picture yet?

The Answer is:

Some people can see that there is an animal, but they are unsure what kind of animal. Now is the time for all to be revealed!  One last chance to make your guess! Still not got it? Okay, here is the answer to your picture, in the form of another picture!

moth on a twig
©Michael Blencowe via Sussex Wildlife Trust

The hidden animal in the picture was actually a moth! To be exact, it is a massive big-buff moth, and these guys have a knack for disguising themselves as sticks or logs. They do this so well that there are often posts and comments of people exclaiming how there is a log in their house, but not sure how it got there.

Did you manage to make the 10% of this population by spotting the moth? Tell us in the comments section! Better yet, what animal did you think you were seeing in this picture riddle? 

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