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Can you tell how many squares are there in this puzzle? Not many people can figure the real answer

You would think counting how many blocks are in a square would be easy, right? Well, today’s visual challenge will prove otherwise! In fact, most people who attempt this brainteaser end up getting an incorrect answer. Do you think you will be one of the few who get it right? Let’s find out!

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Did you know that optical illusions and visual brainteasers are actually really good for your brain? Well, they are! In fact, these kinds of puzzles can activate and stimulate parts of your brain that can benefit you in numerous ways.


Optical illusions can have surprising benefits for your brain that go further that your usual sudoku or word puzzle. These visual puzzles can give you a good mental workout that can, in turn, help you think more efficiently and solve problems more easily.”


Another advantage of using optical illusions is that they require critical thinking. The same goes for Mathematics. To solve a problem, critical problem solving skills is also required. 

Our brains relay the information that our eyes can see and we learn to interpret images by patterns that we already recognize.Frequently exposing ourselves to optical illusions also teach us how to interpret complex images easily. The more experience that we have in playing with optical illusions, the more flexible we also become in interpreting the different things that we see. Our brains are essentially trained to see images and other objects in a certain way which may not necessarily be the same as how other people see them.”


So, even trying to solve a simple ‘square’ optical illusion can benefit your brain!


Today’s Square Puzzle

In today’s square puzzle, all you need to do is count the number of square blocks in the image. How many squares do you count below?

square image test

Now, most people would start by counting the largest square first, then working their way inside. However, there may be some problems with that method. How are you doing so far?

Remember, the benefit of optical illusions is how they get you to think outside the box. So, think outside the square! You can do this, we know you’ve had lots of training from our previous puzzles. Okay, are you ready for the solution?



If you were frying your brain trying to count each square, there is good news. The brainteaser test is over! How many did you find in total?

If it was more than 10, good job! There are actually 16 squares to be found in this puzzle? Were you able to find them all?

how many squares can you find?

Be sure to let us know how you did on this brainteaser, in the comments!

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