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Only 1 In 10 People Could Figure Out This Genius Puzzle! What About You?

Your brain needs constant stimulation if you’re going to keep it in tip-top shape. Did you know that solving puzzles and riddles is one of the best ways to exercise your brain? It’s true! In fact, solving puzzles every day can benefit you in many different ways.


Puzzles are also good for the brain. Studies have shown that doing jigsaw puzzles can improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. The act of putting the pieces of a puzzle together requires concentration and improves short-term memory and problem solving. Using the puzzle as an exercise of the mind can spark imagination and increase both your creativity and productivity.
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Today’s puzzle will challenge different aspects of your thinking process. You will need to use science, logic, and imagination to figure this one out!


Can You Figure This Puzzle Out?

Most people are unable to solve this visual puzzle correctly. So, if you happen to come up with the correct answer, you’re basically a genius! To get those bragging rights, all you have to do is figure out which glass has the most water. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, take a look at the image below, and follow the instructions. See how you do for yourself!

water puzzle

Which glass has the most water in it? Remember back to science class when you learned about mass and volume? Those few things will help you here. Write down which one you think holds the most water and scroll down to see the correct answer.



Do you think you know the correct answer to this puzzle? Well, if you guessed “C” with the paperclip, you’re right!

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The scientific term is displacement, and Archimedes discovered the effect while taking a bath.


Did you ever notice when you get into a bathtub of water that the level of the water rises? More than 2000 years ago, a Greek mathematician named Archimedes noticed the same thing. He observed that both a body and the water in a tub can’t occupy the same space at the same time. As a result, some of the water is displaced, or moved out of the way. 


So, if you got the answer correct, you can brag to your friends about being a genius!

Try an experiment at home involving volume, density, mass, and displacement. All you have to do is grab a bowl, some water, and a small object.


The bowl must be large enough to completely submerge the object without overflowing. Start by filling the bowl with sufficient water to completely cover the object. Before adding the object, mark the water line in the bowl. Like the graduated cylinder, this marks the initial volume of water. Next, add the object, being sure the object is completely covered by water. Mark this water line on the bowl. Now, carefully remove the object from the water.


Now, try using different objects and notice how the water level changes, depending on the density of the item in the water. Good job, you just did a science experiment!

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