black and white photo of people by a lake

A Third Person is Hiding in This Old Photo – Do You See Them?

You either spot it at first sight or take forever to find the clues. I’m on the second train and despite the frustration, I came out victorious! Can you find the third person in this old photo?

You’d immediately see two people standing at the shore with their hands clasped around each other and gazing at the ocean. However, there’s a third person somewhere in this photo. Look closely. Or maybe, just look


Finding the third person in the photo

Did you find the third person? Let’s give you a clue. They are taking up about 95% of the entire picture. You should find them faster now.


This old picture is a realistic representation of “hiding in plain sight”. We don’t always know it, but what we are searching for could be right in front of us. We just have to let the tension go and take an eased look. We act like we are undeserving of easy passes. It’s almost certain that when you find the third person, you’d wonder how you couldn’t have seen it at first glance. 


We humans are so accustomed to struggle that we do not cut ourselves some slack once in a while to look from the most unlikely perspective – the most obvious one.


A cozy fetus

As mentioned above, the third person in the photo takes up about 95% of it, including the ocean and the horizon. The outer branches form a face while the inner branches curve into an abdomen and legs. Our third person is actually a fetus in its mother’s womb.


While it looks just like an old creepy tree, most people would immediately begin to search from the wrong perspectives. We are looking at the picture in pieces, instead of taking in all the elements at once. Our minds are conditioned to analyze critically, looking for hidden spots and the most unlikely contours to form a third human. However, it’s right in front of us, but just not in our present visual dimension. If we could consider the “big picture” all at once, we’d find what we are searching for in a heartbeat.


Sometimes, it’s helpful to approach our problems as one big picture, considering all the elements and factors simultaneously. We might find the solution staring right back at us – in plain sight.

find the third person

Give yourself a real challenge 

There’s more to these images, trust me. You just have to look from the most unlikely perspectives. If you can find all the elements hiding right in front of you, pat yourself on the back.


Nine faces

It looks impossible at first, and most people would only spot up to 6 or 7, but there are actually 9 human faces in this photo.

optical illusion

The peopled lake

Again, consider the photo as one big picture. Don’t try to deduce the elements separately. You’ll spot it immediately if you look “below the surface”.

optical illusion

Relaxing by the tree side

It looks like a regular scene at a small village, but someone is scowling a bunch in this picture.

optical illusion

Hey, Grandma!

Are they really charging into battle, or is there a granny smiling in there somewhere?

optical illusion

Ready to try some other puzzles?

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Julie Hambleton
Freelance Writer
Julie Hambleton has a BSc in Food and Nutrition from the Western University, Canada, is a former certified personal trainer and a competitive runner. Julie loves food, culture, and health, and enjoys sharing her knowledge to help others make positive changes and live healthier lives.