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Chantel Brink
January 28, 2024 ·  11 min read

30 Memes That Feel So Wrong To Laugh At, But You Just Can’t Help It

At times, a hearty laugh is all it takes to brighten our day. Yet, what do you do when ordinary, everyday memes fail to elicit a chuckle? The solution lies in seeking something a tad more unconventional. Enter our selection of memes sourced from the Facebook page known as “Wrong Memes.” One thing’s for sure – these memes may be utterly wrong, but the laughter they induce is simply irresistible.

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1. Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Zoom meetings often transform into unintentional comedy goldmines, with participants navigating the quirky challenges of virtual interactions. From the classic awkward moments of talking on mute to the unpredictable entry of pets or family members, every meeting becomes a potential stage for hilarity. The shared experience of navigating these funny Zoom encounters has become a universal source of amusement and a testament to the humorous side of remote work culture.

2. Arizona Ice Tea

Arizona Ice Tea
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Arizona Iced Tea, known for its distinctive tall cans adorned with colorful designs, is a popular beverage that has gained a cult following. Originating from New York, Arizona Iced Tea offers a variety of flavors, including classics like Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. Its affordable price and generous serving size have made it a go-to choice for those seeking a refreshing and flavorful iced tea option.

3. Zodiac or bad medical practice?

Zodiac or bad medical practice?
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Being a doctor is the only job where you can say ‘Take two of these and call me in the morning’ and be taken seriously—unless you’re a bartender with a special cocktail recommendation!

4. Babies looking like celebrities

Babies looking like celebrities
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Have you ever noticed how some babies seem to come into this world with a celebrity doppelgänger? It’s like they’ve got a VIP pass to the A-list crib club! From tiny tots channeling their inner mini-Ed Sheeran to newborns rocking a ‘baby Clooney’ vibe, these little ones are born stars in more ways than one.

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5. Being an icon comes with its downfalls

Being an icon comes with its downfalls
Image Credit: Wrong Memes
  1. The royal family must have the best WhatsApp group – imagine getting a ‘Queen Elizabeth II liked your photo’ notification!”
  2. “If I had a dollar for every time a royal waved at me through the TV, I’d be rich. I guess the closest I’ll get to royalty is practicing my regal wave in front of the bathroom mirror.”
  3. The royal family has so many titles and tiaras; it’s like a real-life version of ‘Game of Thrones,’ but with more tea parties and fewer dragons.” Ok, we’ll stop now!

6. Sick of it all

Sick of it all
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

After another long day at the office, Minnie Mouse traded her polka-dot heels for some fresh air, tossed her bow aside, and declared, ‘No more mousing around! It’s time for a well-deserved smoke break!

7. Technically not a sin

Technically not a sin
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Sounds like the perfect excuse for a guilt-free indulgence. It’s the loophole we all secretly appreciate, allowing us to enjoy that extra slice of cake or binge-watch one more episode without feeling too remorseful. After all, sometimes bending the rules just a little can make life a bit more delicious.

8. Elmo would much rather prefer a tickle

Elmo would much rather prefer a tickle
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Those funny hydraulic press videos take the mundane act of squishing things to an art form. Watching everyday objects meet their fate under the immense pressure of a hydraulic press is oddly satisfying, as if we’ve discovered a new form of stress relief – who knew crushing a stack of paper could be so entertaining? It’s the absurdity of wondering, “What will they press next?” that turns these videos into a delightful rabbit hole of destruction and laughter.

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9. It’s the mirrors I swear!

It's the mirrors I swear!
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Changing room mirrors have a magical ability to turn a quick clothing check into a full-fledged self-reflection session. As you stand there contemplating life’s choices in a new pair of jeans, these mirrors have a way of making you question not just your outfit, but your entire existence. It’s like a reality check with extra mood lighting – because who knew fluorescent bulbs could reveal so much about one’s fashion sense and life decisions?

10. Bring on the name curse

Bring on the name curse
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Having the same name spelled differently in the pursuit of ‘originality’ is like trying to reinvent the wheel with extra vowels or unconventional consonant placements. It’s a quest for uniqueness that often leads to a lifetime of correcting people and spelling out your name letter by letter. While it may seem like a bold move to stand out, it’s equally an enduring commitment to explaining, “Yes, it’s the same name, just with a creative twist.” The pursuit of originality sometimes comes with its own dictionary of explanations.

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11. Technically a disposable grill

Technically a disposable grill
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Things built badly are like real-life puzzles waiting to be solved, but frustratingly so. Whether it’s a chair with three legs or a door that only opens halfway, these creations seem to defy the basic principles of functionality. It’s as if the builders decided to take a unique approach to problem-solving, leaving the rest of us scratching our heads in bewilderment. Discovering these poorly constructed marvels is a blend of amusement and exasperation, making you appreciate the well-built wonders of the world just a bit more.

12. Men and their creature comforts

Men and their creature comforts
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

From a favorite worn-out pair of socks to a chair that’s molded to their exact shape over the years. It’s like witnessing a secret society of comfort enthusiasts who take solace in the quirkiest of preferences. The devotion to that perfectly broken-in baseball cap or the insistence on keeping a decades-old recliner in the living room is a testament to the peculiar yet endearing nature of men and their unique comfort havens.

13. Food as furniture

Food as furniture
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Fig Newtons, those timeless treats, are like the unsung heroes of the cookie world. With their chewy exterior and sweet, fig-filled interior, they’re the snack that manages to bridge the gap between healthy and indulgent. It’s as if they hold the secret to making figs cool again. Whether you dunk them in milk or enjoy them on their own, Fig Newtons are a nostalgic delight that has been satisfying sweet cravings for generations.

14. Another hit at variations in names – this is ACTUALLY why teachers don’t get paid enough

Another hit at variations in names - this is ACTUALLY why teachers don't get paid enough
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Teachers might harbor a subtle sigh of frustration when confronted with names sporting unconventional spelling variations. Each new school year becomes a linguistic adventure as they navigate the maze of unique spellings, mentally preparing for the inevitable roll call challenges. While educators champion diversity and individuality, the sea of creatively spelled names can be a spelling bee in itself.

15. Stock photos looking like something from the twilight zone

Stock photos looking like something from the twilight zone
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

a surreal journey into the uncanny valley of visual storytelling. From oddly staged business meetings with overenthusiastic handshakes to families smiling manically at salads, these images seem to exist in a dimension where the normal rules of human behavior and expression are slightly skewed.

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16. We hope he isn’t in prison

We hope he isn't in prison
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Certain statements, while innocuous in one setting, can be highly inappropriate or awkward when said in the wrong context. For instance:

  1. At a Wedding:Wow, I’ve been to so many weddings lately; they’re all starting to blur together.
  2. During a Job Interview: “How many vacation days do I get, and is it frowned upon to take them all at once?”
  3. At a Funeral:This place is a real downer. When’s the after-party?”
  4. In a Hospital Waiting Room:I always get sick during flu season. It’s like my body just gives up.”
  5. During a Friend’s Breakup:Well, statistically, most relationships don’t last. It was bound to happen.”

17. Craving one of those boba drinks that look like eyes in milk

Craving one of those boba drinks that look like eyes in milk
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Boba, with its tapioca pearls floating in various vibrant concoctions, can indeed look a bit peculiar to those unfamiliar with this popular beverage. It’s like sipping on a drink with playful, chewy surprises that defy the conventional expectations of a typical beverage. The visual oddity adds to the charm of boba, creating a unique and delightful experience that goes beyond the usual appearance of drinks.

18. Funerals causing more funerals?

Funerals causing more funerals?
Image Credit: Wrong Memes
  1. “Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!”
  2. I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it.”
  3. Why did the cookie go to the hospital? Because it felt crumbly.”

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19. Fish taco? More like Fish tac-NO

Fish taco? More like Fish tac-NO
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

From misshapen vegetables to cakes that went a little too avant-garde, funny-looking food can be a source of amusement. It’s like nature and kitchen mishaps collaborated for a good laugh. After all, who wouldn’t chuckle at a potato that thinks it’s a dinosaur or a pancake that resembles abstract art?

20. Like stepping back in time

Like stepping back in time
Image Credit: Wrong Memes
  1. “I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.”
  2. “I asked the waiter, ‘Will my pizza be long?’ He said, ‘No, it’ll be round.’” Ok ok we’ll stop with the silly food jokes!

21. When in doubt, just laugh

When in doubt, just laugh
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Laughter has a wonderful way of lightening the mood and providing a moment of relief. It’s a universal language that transcends barriers and can bring people together. So, when in doubt, embracing a good laugh can be a simple and effective way to navigate through various situations and find a brighter perspective. But seriously, call 911.

22. Anything can be a job

Anything can be a job
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

With the evolving job market and the emergence of new industries, people are finding employment in fields that might not have existed a few years ago. From social media influencers to professional gamers, and even pet psychologists, the definition of a job continues to expand, showcasing the creativity and adaptability of the workforce.

23. Holding on by a thread

Holding on by a thread
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Holding on by a thread is my preferred method of adulting. It’s not a rope or a lifeline—it’s more like dental floss. You know, because life is a constant tug-of-war between responsibilities and the temptation to binge-watch TV shows. At this point, I’ve mastered the art of holding on to that metaphorical thread while juggling the chaos of everyday existence. It’s a delicate balance, but hey, as long as the thread doesn’t snap, we’re good, right?

24. It’s all a lie

It's all a lie
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Bills? Job stress? Responsibilities? Nah, they’re not real—they can’t hurt me. It’s the magical incantation to ward off the anxieties of the real world. If only adulting was as mythical as my ability to convince myself that deadlines are imaginary creatures.

25. The real MVP of conspiracy theories

The real MVP of conspiracy theories
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

It’s the only device that manages to malfunction more often than my Monday motivation. I’ve come to accept that asking for a McFlurry is just a secret code for ‘Welcome to another episode of creative excuses for not wanting to make ice cream right now.’

26. That pesky cheese string

That pesky cheese string
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Finding toilet paper stuck in your undies is the unexpected fashion statement none of us signed up for. It’s like your outfit is trying to pull off a secret, low-budget superhero cape. You strut around, completely oblivious, until someone breaks the news: “Uh, you’ve got a little something back there.” It’s the kind of wardrobe malfunction that turns an ordinary day into a tale of unexpected adventures in bathroom couture.

27. I didn’t know I was loaded with cash

I didn't know I was loaded with cash
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

It’s as if the universe is trying to deliver cosmic punchlines through sacred scrolls. Picture monks chuckling while transcribing, thinking, “Let’s see if they notice this one!” Whether it’s a quirky parable or a profound teaching that takes a detour into the absurd, it’s a reminder that even the most divine messages can have a playful sense of humor. After all, enlightenment and laughter make a celestial combo.

28. Damn Getty Images

Damn Getty Images
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Kids’ funny test answers are pure gold in the realm of unintentional comedy. Some classics include:

  1. Question:What is the capital of France?” Answer:F.”
  2. Question: “Write a sentence using the word ‘hobby.’Answer: “I love my mom. It’s my favorite hobby.”
  3. Question:Explain photosynthesis.” Answer: “When you take photos with your sister.”
  4. Question:Use ‘defeat,’ ‘defense,’ and ‘detail’ in a sentence.Answer:When a cat defeated a dog, he yelled, ‘Defense, detail!'”

29. It’s all mishaps along the way

It's all mishaps along the way
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

When life gets tough, I grab the emergency chocolate stash. It’s my version of adulting – solving problems one piece of chocolate at a time. Who needs a therapist when you have a chocolate bar that listens without judgment? Life might be tough, but at least I have cocoa solidarity.

30. Some people need to go outside once in a while

Some people need to go outside once in a while
Image Credit: Wrong Memes

Some people need to go outside once in a while. I mean, have they even experienced the sheer thrill of dodging uneven sidewalks and pretending to be on a secret mission to avoid stepping on cracks? Fresh air is overrated when you have the unparalleled excitement of indoor adventures, like finding the TV remote that magically disappeared for the umpteenth time.

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