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January 21, 2024 ·  4 min read

19 Pictures Of The ’00s That’ll Make No Sense To Anyone Under 18

The 2000’s was a strange, but wonderful time to be alive. There were some serious eyebrow-raising trends that would confuse the daylights out of any young and super trendy 18 year old. We have a list of 19 different 2000s trends that we think are the most bazaar to anyone who wasn’t around back then.

Low-rise jeans were a major fashion trend in the 2000s. The lower, the better. They may not have been comfortable, but a lot of female fashion trends weren’t! At least now we can relax in some ‘boyfriend jeans.’

Tiny top, low jeans
image credit: Steve Finn / Getty Images

2. Barely a scarf!

These thin scarfs barely kept out the chill…. but 2000s trends were all in the name of fashion!

All in the nae of fashion
image credit: Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

3. The 2000s trends meant silk belts

Okay, let’s be real now… It’s actually a belt we just tied through our pant’s belt loops.

Who needs a belt anyway?
Image credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

4. A fish purse!

In the 2000s, the aim of any purse was to look nothing like a purse.

This is oh-so 2000s trends
image credit: Image credit: Chris Weeks / Getty Images

5. Is there such a thing as too straight?

When it came to hair, this 2000s trend can head ‘straight’ to the garbage bin. I’m pretty sure people used irons to get it this flat.

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Avril lavigne was well known for her dead straight hair.
image credit: Scott Gries / Getty Images

6. Just a tiny bit of eye-shadow

Gives a new perspective to minimal makeup.

Just a smidge...
image credit: Vince Bucci / Getty Image

7. Who is wearing who in this picture?

To wear the denim… or not to wear the denim. That was the question for 200s trends.

May as well take the denim off when it comes to 2000s trends
image credit: Dennis Clark / Getty Images

8. Matchy-matchy was so on trend!

If they did not match, how would people know they were besties?

Matching outfits for besties
image credit: David Klein / Getty Images

9. Two-strand eyebrow

Eyebrows in the 200s was an interesting affair. If they were thicker than 0,002mm, they were not trendy. They make the eyebrows of today look like caterpillars.

2000s trends means thin eyebrows
image credit: John Li / Getty Images

10. Hair styled just like the Olsen twins!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the inspiration of so many girls in the 2000s. Everyone wanted the same hairstyle these girls had

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Image credit: Getty Images

11. Distressed in more ways than one

Eyebrows were raised when this picture came up. It shows JC Chasez wearing denim jacket with a high amount of distressed action. Although, many wondered whether he walked through a construction sit to achieve this look, or if a bird had an accident on his jacket.

2000s trends, and a highly distressing jacket.
Image credit: Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

12. Thermal tank tops for a night out

One of the 2000s trends was a simple thermal tank top for night out in the town. The glam skirt styled the outfit, and comfort was maintained

simple, but pretty
image credit: Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

13. The falling sleeves of 2000s trends

They may look like sleeves, but don’t let them fool you. In the 2000s, they were meant to simply fall off the shoulder.

Sleeves are not really sleaves with 2000s trends
image credit: Simon Cobb / Getty Images

14. Music in the 2000s fit inside this box!

These days all you need is your smart phone. But, in the 2000s, we needed to save space in our bedrooms for a rather obnoxious boom box!

image credit: Mychal Watts / WireImage

15. 2000s trends means French manicure, or nothing

These days the more unique and outrageous your nails are, the more on trend you seem to be. The 2000s trend for nails was a simply French manicure – nothing else!

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2000s trends are a French manicure
image credit: Twitter: @missalexisgo

16. Sun kissed, or sprayed orange

In the 2000s, everyone looked as though they could really do with some vitamin-C. They took spray tanning to a level that resembled scurvy.

Orange skin spray tans
Image credit: Showbizireland / Getty Images

17. Makeup was no complete without a lip liner!

Gotta make that pout stand out!

Lip liner was essential
Image credit:

18. 2000s trends include clothes that looked too small

2000s trends included wearing clothes that looked like they shrunk in the dryer. But, this garment was designed like this, and named a “shrug“.

Barely a waistcoat
Image credit: Getty

19. Clumpy lashes for 2000s trends

Yes, in the 2000swomen were not meant to see through their heavy-mascara eyes. But hey, if it looked good…

Image credit: Twitter: @ChaiTeaEl

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