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Are No Eyebrows the New Eyebrows?

Just when you thought you got the hang of the last beauty trend, another one rises to the top. It is hard work to be on-trend all the time because they are always changing. Gone are the days with perfectly shaped brows. You might be thinking the ’90s have returned, with thin eye brows and all. But, some celebrities in Hollywood have taken things to the extreme. They are sporting looks that contain no eyebrows whatsoever.

Eyebrows, or no eyebrows?

The latest trend of removing one’s eyebrows has been surfacing quite a lot recently. Hollywood stars like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian leading the way with their bleached eyebrows. This beauty trend can be quite memorizing, in its unique way. For quite some time, it has been popular to have a set of thick brows forming your eyes like defined caterpillars. But, now it is becoming more and more popular to have no eyebrows.

This is not the first time that women have yearned for no eyebrows. Most trends are based on fashion statements from some time in our history. During the renaissance period, a woman was seen as beautiful and highly intelligent if they had a long forehead, seriously thin eyebrows, or no eyebrows at all. They would pluck the hairs from their hairline and brows to give themselves such an illusion. If you are struggling to picture this, just think of the Mona Lisa or The Girl With a Pearl Earring. 

Trendy makeup artists

Makeup artists all around Hollywood are being requested to bleach their client’s eyebrows. That is if they hadn’t shaved them off already. A 22-year-old makeup artist called Stella Chiara has been sporting the trendy no-eyebrow look for about one year already (a true pioneer). She says that in the last month, she has been asked by many clients for a similar look. According to a study done on the searches on Pinterest, 85% more people are researching “bleached eyebrows”. Then 30% more are searching for “no eyebrows”.

If you have been watching the American reality T.V show, “Baddies South” you might recognize 32-year-old JeLaminah Lanier. She is a Los Angeles designer who prefers to stand out from the crows. Lanier said, “I’m always trying to do something that sets me apart from other people.” She then affirmed that sentiment by bleaching her eyebrows to match her silvery hair. “Everybody in the salon thought I was crazy,” she added. “I was like, ‘Y’all going to like it. It’s going to be cute—watch this.’”

On makeup artists and digital content creator, Mei Pang, 26, bleached her eyebrows and said, “I look like an egg.” she also warned those wanting to try out the look that the bleach tends to burn your skin. So, if you have sensitive skin, you might want to look up alternative methods. There is always your razor.

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Celebrities with no eyebrows

Many celebrities are following suit on his trend. The list has been growing, with Kim Kardashian being one who is the least recognizable with her bleach blond hair and no eyebrows look. She has been posting pictures on her Instagram. the pics were taken for a shoot for the September 2022 edition of the Interview Magazine.

Megan Barton-Hanson was recently in a photo shoot that just screamed everything sci-fi. She adorned a leather body suit with very interesting breast cups that could easily pass for alien hands. The centerpiece of her look, however, was not her outfit, but her bleached brows. It added an artistic touch to her extra-terrestrial theme.

Lizzo has become one of those quirky celebrities who is also the inspiration of many people around the world. She always has a new look to show off on her Instagram. Similarly to Kim and Megan, Lizzo has also adopted the no eyebrows trend. She posted a picture on Instagram of her looking like a true goddess. Not only that, but she explained the process behind the beauty trend on her TikTok account.

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