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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 25, 2024 ·  3 min read

10 Images That Will Improve Your Ability to Pay Attention to Details

Would you like to improve your brainpower today? Great! We have the perfect puzzle for you to solve. Actually, there are 10 puzzles, but we know you will appreciate the challenge of solving them all correctly. Besides being incredibly fun, these brain teasers are beneficial for you as well!

According to studies, these types of ‘spot the difference’ puzzles “activate your right posterior parietal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for how a person directs their attention, their spatial perception, and their visuomotor control,” reports Reader’s Digest.

If you are ready to take on a real challenge and improve your thinking skills at the same time, keep on reading!

Can you Spot It?

Each image below has something you need to find within it. Either a misspelled word or a wrong number, the instructions you’ll need to follow will be easy to follow. Brightside has made these challenges for you, so let’s see how you do!

1. Can you find the “OK” that doesn’t belong? One of them is wrong.

challenge ok

2. Where is the number 120 located in the image below?

challenge 120

3. One of these music notes is placed incorrectly. Can you find it?

challenge music

4. One of these mushrooms is unlike the rest. Can you find the one unlike the others?

challenge mushroom

5. You need to find the odd hand in this group of rocking hands. Can you spot it?

challenge rocking hand

6. How many “Q”s can you find in this sea of “0”s?

Q challenge

7. Somewhere in this group of apples a tomato is hiding. Can you find it quickly?

challenge apple

8. Where is the incorrect traffic light? One of them is out of order, can you find it?

challenge traffic light

9. Can you find the number sequence 546? It is hiding somewhere in this image.

challenge 546

10. Find the word spelled “ADVISE” in the sea of “ADVICE.” Can you spot it?

challenge advise

How did you do with these ‘spot the difference’ challenges? Do you already feel smarter? Well, let’s see how many you got right!


One of the most beneficial aspects of attempting these puzzles only happens by doing them frequently. By creating a pattern of exercise for your brain, you can strengthen certain parts and even prevent dementia. There is no downside to getting into a routine of solving brainteasers every day. Maybe after your morning coffee, or while you’re waiting for dinner to finish baking in the oven? Find a time you are able to sit for about 15 minutes each day to get the most out of this type of brain exercise.

Now, let’s see the answers to the ‘spot the difference’ challenges above!

1. Did you find the different “OK?”

solution ox ok

2. Were you able to locate the 120 in the image?

solution 120

3. The music note was hiding, did you spot it?

solution music note

4. Did you find the plain mushroom?

solution mushroom

6. Where was the hidden rocking hand that was different?

solution rocking hand

6. There were 6 hidden “q”s in the image, did you find them all?

solution Q

7. Were you able to find the hidden tomato?

solution tomato

8. The traffic light that was backward was hard to spot, did you get it right?

solution traffic light

9. Could you find the numbers 5,4,6 in that order? They showed up twice!

solution 546

10. Finding the word “ADVISE” among all those other words was tricky. Did you get it right?

solution advise

We hope you enjoyed these challenges today. If you want to give your brain some more puzzles to solve, check these out below: