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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
March 27, 2024 ·  3 min read

Women Are Sharing Body ‘Facts’ They Heard From Men, And We Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Since the beginning of time, men have found women nothing short of confusing. While some of the things that men don’t get are understandable, there are certain things they don’t know that make women shake their heads. A woman started a Twitter thread about female “body facts” they heard from men that are just plain hilarious. (1)

Body Facts” About Women, As Told By Men

Some of these “body facts” that these men believe are hilarious, while others will make you wonder at what point did education fail these highly misinformed men.

A woman on Twitter posted a tweet about a man that she had just gone on a date with. (1)

“Just went on a date with a guy that thought periods lasted a month.
He’s 28.”

Her tweet caught on quickly with other women (and some men) on Twitter, who jumped on the train to start sharing some of the ridiculous “body facts” about women that they’d heard from men over the years.

As it turns out, many men are confused about the duration of women’s periods.

“doesn’t suprise me, a PE teacher at my school was around 40 & thought they only lasted a day? makes me think why do we seperate (biological) girls & boys for sex-ed, when it would make much more sense for both sexes to know about each other’s bodies as well as their own?” responded another user. (2)

Not only are they confused about the duration of women’s periods, but also the frequency and when they can and can’t have them.

“I once heard a boy say that women still had periods when they were pregnant, and that women could only get their periods at the very beginning or end of the month, never in the middle.” (3)

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Confusion Over the Female Anatomy

Surprisingly, many men are just as confused over the female anatomy itself. Clearly, this gentleman was not paying attention to the female anatomy section of health class – or maybe he wasn’t taught it at all?

“I found out about halfway through a two and half year relationship that my boyfriend thought that I couldn’t pee when I had a tampon in because “doesn’t it all come out the same hole?” He was 21/22 at the time.” replied another Twitter user. (4)

In fact, the whole female reproductive cycle seems to be a complete mystery to some men. Clearly, there is a gap here in men’s education.

“one time a guy asked me if i was going through menopause, after i said i was PMSing… AT AGE NINETEEN” wrote one user. (5)

“I knew someone once who thought a pregnant woman could get pregnant whilst pregnant so essentially she could be carrying several children in different states of development. He is married now with children, I wonder if he realises his error?” tweeted another. (6)

Another woman tweeted about how her 50-year-old ex-husband thought that a woman’s uterus falls out entirely during menopause. (7) Another woman’s ex-husband was convinced that women had fewer ribs than men. (8) We can’t say for sure that these are reasons why they are now ex-husbands, but you can be sure that these “body facts” certainly didn’t help their cause.

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Incorrect Male “Body Facts”, Too

Some women also wrote about how they have experienced men who can’t even get their own anatomy right.

“I once had to inform a mid-20s cisman that he was circumcised. He thought he hadn’t been.” wrote one user. (9)

She continued to inform Twitter that this man was a biologist and at one point referred to breasts as “marmallary glands” for the biggest face-palm statement of the night. (9)

In an unrelated tweet, another woman revealed that no matter how educated a man might be, they still are often completely in the dark about the female body and reproductive cycle.

“If you think you have a stupid question, just remember NASA engineers once asked Sally Ride if 100 tampons were enough for a 7 day mission.” (10)

Clearly, better sex-education about women is needed in school. Then perhaps there will be a generation of men in the future who’s “body facts” about women will actually be facts and not fiction.

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