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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
March 28, 2024 ·  4 min read

Women Share What They Would Do If There Were No Men On Earth For 24 Hours

A TikTok video asked a pretty simple question to the public recently and it has the internet stirring. The question was “if there were no men on earth for 24 hours, what would you do?” Women of the internet did not hesitate to respond to this question. To many, the answers weren’t that surprising more so than sad realizations. There are so many things that women wish they could do but feel like they can’t because of their fear of men.

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No Men For 24 Hours

It puts a lot of things into perspective when being asked this question. Not only for the women but for men as well. Women who replied to this TikTok video had very simple answers. Most of them replying with that they would love to go for a walk a night by themselves. Something that seems so small and so mundane but really makes you think about it. Why can’t a woman go out for a walk just because she wants too? Does she really have to fear for her life just by wanting to be outside? The painfully honest answer is yes, women are in constant fear of men.

The last comment paired with the ‘go on walks at night’ comment are the most liked. Can you even believe that there are almost 400k women who resonate with just wanting to go for a walk at night? Not only that but just wanting to feel safe on a daily basis. (1)

The next popular reply revolves around being able to wear whatever they want. Not only that but being able to wear what you want, blasting your music on full volume, feel safe doing so, and going out for a walk at night. All of these things seem so simple and easy to obtain. However, fear of men and what they will do or say is what’s stopping them. Someone even says that they would feel even more confident being on social media if there were no men for 24 hours.

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More Painfully True Replies

Unfortunately, for the Twitter user that made this post, she has had to mute notifications. Since there were men responding to her with some very close minded things to say. This should say a lot considering her post was about what would you do if there were no men for 24 hours. It’s sad to say but there are a lot of men who fail to see the truth in what the women are saying. It’s not about whether these women know karate or not, it’s about men being horrible people to them all the time. This isn’t just about taking a walk at night, it’s about feeling safe 24/7 of your everyday life.

The replies continue more and more with the same idea. Most of these answers revolve around being vulnerable when no one is looking. Like taking a picnic with your friends and being able to sleep under the stars. This is something that very few woman can’t afford to have. Staying inside or in a public place are your best bets if you want to survive. Arming yourself to the teeth, taking up self-defense classes, things that you would never want to consider. Only on the off-chance some crazy man is going to attempt to harm you or rob you somehow. Women shouldn’t have to feel like they need constant protection from men. (1)

The truth shouldn’t be so painful but it is. These replies are so heart-wrenching to the point it makes you want to cry. Most women just want to be able to live their lives, do what they want to do, be with their friends, and fully enjoying themselves. It’s pretty sad when you think about the question over and over again. Women would literally just live their lives to the fullest and not worry about having any man get in the way of that.

There are so many things that men can do to support women in this capacity. Men have the power to call out other men who are being horrible people. If are ever in a situation where you can clearly see a woman is uncomfortable around a man, don’t just stand there. Do everything in your power to make it known that his behavior is unacceptable. Change doesn’t happen over night but together we can certainly try to fix a lot of these issues.

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