Woman Discovers Boyfriend Is ‘Cheating’ After ‘Spotting Reflection In Photo’

Kayla Paeth discovered her boyfriend was cheating when she spotted someone else’s reflection in a photo he sent her. It’s suggested that 74 percent of men and 68 percent of women have admitted that they would cheat if it meant their partner would never catch them. Those are staggering numbers by any account.

Luckily, people do get caught all the time and sometimes in the most insane ways. This particular incident was no different, spotting something in a photo that gave it all away. On top of that, the cheating boyfriend had the audacity to tell her “it should have been you” when he was confronted. What a loser…

Video Credit: @kaylaaapaethhh TikTok

Titled “Gots to do better my guy lmao,” the video of evidence of her cheating boyfriend kicked up quite a commotion on TikTok

She captions her post: “Got to do better my guys lmao.” When you look at the picture, the evidence is damning. You see two pans on a stove. Cooking something that resembles ground beef and eggs, not a very appetizing combo. If you look at the reflection of the stove just above, there’s someone taking the photo that is clearly not her now ex-boyfriend. A dead giveaway – long acrylic nails, bracelets, a ring, and even an Apple watch.

When Kayla Paeth caught her cheating boyfriend
Image Credit: @kaylaaapaethhh TikTok

The clip of her cheating boyfriend has since raked in over 4 million views and 500,000 likes

Viewers slammed the cheating boyfriend, angered by his behavior. They also urged Paeth to find out who this other woman is, assuming she was very likely just as guilty. One viewer says: “Please let that girl know. I would be so upset if I cooked for someone else and they were sending the photos to someone.”

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Another adds: “And he’ll tell you, ‘Oh, that’s just my sister, niece, cousin, aunty…’.” While lots of viewers praise Kayla for her detective skills, as one admits: “I wouldn’t have noticed that.” A second adds: “Don’t men know we are detectives?”You are literally better than the FBI, I swear!” writes a third. Another says: “These are the guys who start fights on purpose so they can hang with their other girl.

Some did ask if the pair were ever in an exclusive relationship to start

If he isn’t dating exclusively, it’s fine. But if he’s in a relationship, it’s wrong.” One person says. “Have you met this man in person because this screams Catfish?” says another. But honestly, either way, this man clearly messed up big time and has lost a pretty fun woman, as one can see from her posts thereafter.

Video Credit: @kaylaaapaethhh TikTok

She’s not a fan of the camera.” She says, posting about her cuddly pup.

Awe, pitties are the best and most loyal, unlike that creep who didn’t deserve you.” One viewer said. It’s clear nothing is keeping her back from her newfound freedom, which she so clearly deserves after her ex-cheating-boyfriend is out of the picture. May Kayla Paeth be an inspiration to us all!

Kayla Paeth's dog
Image Credit: @kaylaaapaethhh TikTok


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