man pushing boulder

Who dies? Only for geniuses!

Have you seen those puzzles on social media that claim that only geniuses can solve them? Well, today, we have one just like that!

Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes. First, there are jigsaw puzzles where you have to figure out which piece goes where manually. Then there are puzzle games like Sudoku. Today’s puzzle is an image puzzle, but there’s a twist.

You have to have some idea of how Physics works to be able to solve it! If that sounds terrifying, then there’s no need to be. If you are observant enough, then you can get the solution too.


The Puzzle With The Rock

Here is the image of the puzzle:


Now it might seem complicated, so we will give a brief explanation. There are 5 people in total in the picture from A to E. E is about to push a rock down the slope as you can see. But the rock has a gap large enough for a head to fit inside.

At the bottom of the slope, there is D who is trapped with only his head above the surface. Then, there is a seesaw-type contraption. On one side of it, there is another rock (without any gaps) weighing it down. Underneath the lifted side are deadly spikes, and C is laying directly below it.

Finally, there is B and A farther away to the side at their respective distance.

The challenge is simple: Who will die first if E released the rock?


The Genius Solution

Do you see those lines drawn into the ground, which looks like it is measuring a certain distance? Well, ignore them. Those are there to trick you into thinking the answer is more complex than it should be.

After that, just imagine how a rock rolls under gravity. So, at first, the rock will hit D’s head (unfortunately, the gap in the rock will not align with his head). Then it will roll off onto the seesaw. The weight and inertia of the rock will push the seesaw down onto C along with the spikes.

The movement of the seesaw will lift the other solid boulder over the cusp of the small wall on the left side. And thus, its leftward inertia will make it roll on top of B.

Thus, the final order is D, C, and B. If it sounds too complex, then this video gives a visual demonstration at 7:00:


So, did you get it? If you did, then congratulations! You are among the few geniuses who knew how not to overcomplicate a puzzle. If not, well, here is a lesson: not everything in life is complex. But, if you found it fun, then be sure to share it with your friends and family.


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