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“I Offered To Let My Mom Live With Me Under The Exact Same Terms I Lived With Her As A Teen”

We must have all had our moments as a rebel during our teen years. Usually, this comes against parental authority. More often than not, we are taught to restrain ourselves by our parents. But sometimes, parents could go a little overboard, and in their attempt to ‘civilize’ their children, they might irreparably traumatize them. This is why most of us find a severe disconnect with our parents the moment we grow out of our teens. We don’t get along and may be less than pleasant to them while they are getting older.


In this Reddit post, OP did talk about how they were not on good terms with their mother. In fact, they were quite surprised as to why their mother wanted to live with them. According to their history, OP’s mom hated OP and kicked them out of the house when they were 16. Also, OP had an older brother- who was considered to be the golden child. So, OP was justifiably astounded as to why their mother wanted to live with them.


Mother Wants To Live With Estranged OP- Who Was Mistreated By Her During Their Teen Years

“So, she shows up at my door for some reason. After mistreating me since I was a kid, and ignoring me unless she wanted something since she married that thankfully dead land whale. She had the nerve to ask to live with me! It’s only me and my husband in our 2 bedroom house sure. But that spare bedroom is his office, the basement’s my art studio, and the couch in front of the fireplace is for our lovely cats. There is no room for the wicked hag anywhere in this house.”

One can understand that OP and their mother may not be on the best of terms. OP also mentioned that when they were a teen, their mother married another man and bought a 7-bedroom house. But soon, she became unemployed, and her husband decided to turn her into a glutton. The last few years of OP’s stepdad’s life were spent in a bed after he weighed close to 500 pounds. OP could have justifiably sent their mother away but decided to take advantage of the situation. 

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I told her she could live with us, if, and only if she decided to follow the house rules. All electronics were to be turned off by 6 pm. If she was caught with any after that they would be taken away and sold at the next yard sale. Bedtime was 7:30, if I caught her up I would take away all of her clothing for the week. She may only shower for 5 minutes, once every three days. All chores must be done the moment she wakes up. If I roll out of bed and they are not she will not be getting meals for the day.

She must make sure she is alert at all times, if I and hubby need something done, it is to be done at that moment, or else she will lose her bedding privileges for the night. She will be in charge of cooking one meal each day, that I choose. If it is not made to my liking she will not be allowed to join us and instead will eat the cheapest frozen meal available.

The rules went quite further after this. And naturally, OP’s mother didn’t care much for it. “She called me a monster, told me these conditions were inhuman, and asked if I was insane. These were the exact conditions I lived under for years as a teenager. The exact conditions she tormented me with for years until she finally let me go live with the one parent that she loved me. And these would be the conditions she would suffer under if she dared to ask me to home her worthless, joysucking soul.” Well, yikes!

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Reddit Unanimously Supported The Way OP Dealt With The Situation 

Goes without saying, teen OP had quite a troublesome life growing up. And post this argument, OP’s mother stormed out and by the looks of it, went to OP’s brother. And interestingly, OP’s brother was quite proud of the way OP dealt with the situation. On a side note, he was also less than pleased at having their mother live with him. 

So, how did Reddit react to such an explosive post? u/Jesse4Lyfe mentioned, “I am sorry I laughed at these conditions. I am so sorry you had to suffer through that as a teenager but that must have felt absolutely incredible and empowering to be able to shove those inhuman conditions back down her throat. It sounds like she thought she didn’t have a daughter but rather a slave. I hope she rots while you and your husband and cats enjoy a nice relaxing evening, knowing that you will never be subjected to those conditions again.”


u/TheDevilsAdvokaat was on the side of the righteous for once. Listening to the woes the teen OP had to go through, they commented, “Sounds like she got what she deserved. 20 years ago, I had just gotten married. My wife and I went to stay at her sister’s place for a week. They insisted we stay in separate bedrooms. My wife told me quietly they were worried we might have sex in our room otherwise. A couple of years later they wanted to come and stay in our place for a week. […]. My wife asked me to please let them stay in one. I refused, and they chose not to stay with us!u/Quierochurros had a special solution to this issue- “I’d have f***ed in every room in their house out of spite.

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