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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 14, 2024 ·  3 min read

The tiny invisible home that disappears into its environment

Completely immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you by staying in an invisible home. The new concept allows for people to view and appreciate everything around them, without interfering with wildlife. The best part about these is how energy efficient they are! So many positive aspects, what’s not to love?

It’s called the Disappear Retreat. Designed by Coulson, the motto of the invisible home is straight to the point. “Dissolving our living footprint to zero energy, zero waste, zero water” is how Coulson describes their Disappear Retreat.

Our passion for the environment is not just technical, but extends to the experience of nature, which is an essential inspiration in our design work and life.  We want to insinuate into the landscape and live seamlessly and lightly with its mysterious beauty. 


Achieving a Zero Energy Footprint

How do they manage to have a zero energy footprint? Imagine not needing any air conditioning in the summer, and not needing any heating in the winter. Having the perfect temperature all year long is completely doable with the proper engineering.

bathroom in dissapear retreat invisible home
Imagine it is -25°F on a typical winter morning in northern Minnesota, yet no mechanical heating is required. Reducing the peak heating load by 95% to just 100 watts (1 light bulb) using passive methods is a critical strategy to achieve zero energy.
Coulson -Disappear Retreat Instagram

You truly feel like you are one with nature when staying in an invisible home. Interestingly, there’s more than one beneficial aspect to this invention. Some of you may be wondering about the animals. If the home is invisible or appears to be, wouldn’t there be birds flying into the walls? Thankfully, no! The walls are covered with a transparent ultraviolet color. As a result, this prevents animal injury. They can see there is something there, even if we can’t.

the night sky as seen from the disappear retreat invisible home
The spark for the design came under the night sky viewing a psychedelic show of northern lights and imagining a small, self-sufficient retreat with a glass roof where the universe overhead and surrounding ecosystems press close, where one feels connected to the planet and can sleep under the dazzling stars and dream with eyes open. 
Coulson- Disappear Retreat

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Would You Stay in an Invisible Home?

invisible home
Coulson -Disappear Retreat Instagram

The tiny home is 8 square meters (83 square feet) and gives a feeling of space and openness. Because of the differences in preferences, Couslon offers three different retreat designs.

The Bed+Bath model has built-in sofa/bed with storage underneath, toilet, sink, shower, refrigerator, and induction cooktop. The Basic model is flexible open plan for art, music, meditation, office, and living space adaptable to future needs. The Sauna model has built-in wood benches and sauna heater.

schematics for disappear retreat invisible home
Coulson – Disappear Retreat

What’s really wonderful about these designed homes is how much you’ll see while there. Additionally, you will feel more too! Do you have a favorite preferred design you would stay in? If we’re being honest, we would choose the one with a sauna. Because, why not! Let us know your thoughts below.

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