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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 22, 2024 ·  2 min read

Viral TikTok shows son covering parents’ kitchen in peanut butter

TikTok pranks are probably going a bit too far now. One prankster’s TikTok video has been viewed several million times. The prank came at the expense of his parent’s kitchen. He simply decided to cover all the exposed surfaces of the kitchen in a thick layer of peanut butter.

The TikToker in question, Corbin Millet is famous for pulling pranks on his parents. This particular prank has managed to gain more than 38 million views. The video begins with a shot of the kitchen before the cosmetic do-over: it looks completely normal. Then, the next scene shows every inch of it, including appliances and light fixtures, coated in something light brown. It was peanut butter.

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TikTok Is The Platform For The Serial “Prankster

Millet is 19 years old and hails from Pennsylvania. In an interview with New York Post, he explained how the extensive prank had gotten his account banned. It had received 14 million views at that time. As such, for his new TikTok account, this was the most exciting prank he could think of.

Millet spent 7 hours covering all the surfaces using 28 pounds worth of peanut butter. He then spent another 4 hours cleaning up the kitchen and all the nooks and crannies that the substance had spread into. Of course, the teenager had to do everything himself.


All peanut butter was eatin by doggies🐕

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After all, his parents were absolutely furious with the mess. In a subsequent video, Millet showed his father seeing the kitchen and charging at his son while climbing the stairs, yelling expletives and how they would get ants. Millet told the Post that his mother was too angry and left. The two TikToks covering the entire prank have earned him over 60 million views.

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It was at this moment that he knew

♬ Who Am I (What’s My Name)? – Snoop Dogg

Millet claims that he pranks his parents regularly and has been kicked out a few times. However, they have recently started being a bit more accommodating after seeing how popular the clips were. Nevertheless, a lot of people were not impressed with the prank. One was visibly upset with the waste of food: “bro wasted so much peanut butter.

Nevertheless, Millet views all these mixed responses, and especially the criticism, as something that is associated with his kind of content; he says, “I think the people are liking my style of videos or else I wouldn’t get this many views all the time.

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