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Americans ‘Insulted’ and ‘Shocked’ by Meghan Markle Treatment—Stella Parton

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently decided to make a big move in their lives. While many people find themselves emigrating across the globe to find a better career or possibly a more suitable climate, or simpler life. This couple decided to relocate to the US as a way to get away from the gossip of the Royal Family. Dolly Parton’s younger sister, Stella Parton has revealed how Americans, like her, are “shocked” and “insulted” at the “ongoing trashing” of Megan and Harry’s relationship.

Stella Parton, Dolly Parton's younger sister
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Stella Parton speaks her truth

Newsweek interviewed Stella Parton after she made headlines after she made a few tweets in honor of Meghan Markle. This was after Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration. Stella defended the couple after they had moved out of England and into America for a change of environment. In short, Stella Parton referred to the living environment of the royal family as a “toxic waste heap“.


On the 9th of July, she reaffirmed that sentiment and made another tweet. She feels the need to highlight those with a position of power who look down their noses at other people. So, it is clear that she dislikes “snooty” behavior. The tweet read: “Yes. I said it and I think more people should speak up when they see fake people in high places that their snooty behavior is okay“.

Her recent tweet managed to achieve 4000 likes. To which Stella said: “as you can see, many others agree with my feelings and thoughts.”

Stella Parton sees life as a mirror image it seems. She mentioned how the Royal Family are simply “deflecting” their own scandals onto Meghan. “The relentless barrage of negativity pours down [Meghan Markle]. That’s just a deflection from the many other scandals that are going on by the royals!” Parton expressed. “Americans read the news and most of us follow the royals and always do. Many of us are deeply humiliated and shocked by the constant mistreatment of this young, innocent, wife and mother.”

Stella Parton makes a tweet in defense of Meghan Markle.
Image source: Twitter / Stella Parton

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Royal family scandal

The scandal that Stella Parton is referring to occurred last month. It was when Prince Andrew made an attempt to return to public life, which failed. He had attended the annual Garter Day ceremony, but a decision was made last second that he would only attend the parts of the ceremony that were private. This was despite Andrew’s insiders who said he would attend the whole day’s events. However, Buckingham Palace called their change of decision a “family decision“.

The true scandal is the fact that Prince Andrew had a lawsuit filed against him by Jeffrey Epstein. He was accused of sexual abuse and made to step down from his public duties. He settled the lawsuit for $10 million but continues to deny Epstein’s claims.


Parton compares Meghan to Dianna

Stella Parton is not backing down with her defense of Meghan Markle, with whom she compared to Princess Dianna. “How dare they, yet, are trying to turn Meghan into a sacrificial lamb, like they do [did] As for Diana,” said Stella.

Prince Harry also makes the comparison. He spoke of how the press hounded Dianna and ended up chasing her to her death. It seems, Harry wishes for history to not be repeated, and for a change to be made. “My mom was chased to her death when she was in a relationship with someone who wasn’t white and now look what happened. You want to talk about history repeating itself?

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