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Is Your Vision Sharp Enough To Spot The Odd One?

Do you have the eyes of a hawk? Let’s find out how quickly you can recognize patterns or spot the odd one in a group of numbers or letters. Here’s a fun challenge from Apost to sharpen up your mind a little and keep your eyes in check. Something is different in each of the following puzzles, so see if you can tell what stands out. Can you make it through each one in just a few seconds? You can time yourself to see how you improve. Each puzzle will be slightly harder than the last, so keep focused. Good luck!

1. Can you spot the difference here?

Can you spot the odd one out. Puzzle 1 of 10.
Image: apost

2. Which one of these is different?

Can you difference here? Puzzle 2 of 10.
Image: apost

How are things going? Not as easy as they seem, right? The next few will be a little more challenging, so be prepared. You can do this! Take a breather between each puzzle and make sure you are nicely settled before you carry on. Keep it up, and you will keep getting better as you move on. See how fast you can do each one and try and beat your previous time. Try and center your thoughts and keep your eyes from wandering. We know you can do this!

3. How about this one?

Which one of these is different? Puzzle 3 of 10.
Image: apost

4. Can You Spot The Odd One Here?

Can you spot the odd on out? Puzzle 4 of 10.
Image: apost

5. How about here?

Can you see which one is different?
Puzzle 5 of 10.
Image: apost

You’re halfway through, and you’re doing great! The difficulty will start to really increase now, so get ready to up your game. Trust yourself and don’t think too hard. Try to clear your mind completely before you approach each puzzle. That way, you will always spot the odd one in the quickest time. Keep going at the same speed you have been and or even try and pick up the pace. You’ve got this!

6. Can you tell which one is different?

Spot the difference.
Puzzle 6 of 10.
Image: apost

7. Spot the odd one.

Which one is different?
Puzzle 7 of 10.
Image: apost

8. Find the one that doesn’t fit.

Can you spot the odd one?
Puzzle 8 of 10.
Image: apost

Only a few more to go! The final few puzzles are really tough, so keep your concentration up. Don’t get lazy; you’re almost there. Just maintain your focus as you have up to this point. Stay cool; you’ve done well to get this far. Just approach the last puzzles with the same level of calm, and you’ll get through it. Remember to take extra care with these but try and do them just as fast. We know you can!

9. Can you spot the difference here?

Which one of these is different? Puzzle 9 of 10.
Image: apost

10. Now for the last one!

Spot the one that doesn't fit. Puzzle 10 of 10.
Image: apost

You did it! Well done, you got through them all. If you managed to spot the odd one out in each puzzle in only a few seconds, you’re brilliant. Let’s see how you measure up. Why not share these puzzles with your friends and see if they managed to keep up with your times. You never who the winner might be. Was it you, or did one of your friends surprise you with their abilities? Leave your comments and let us know how you all got along. We hope you had fun!

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