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Readers Struggle To Spot Double-Digit Number Buried In Optical Illusion

Optical illusions can be so much fun! They occur when our eyes perceive an image differently from how it really is. Sometimes, optical illusions hide something that would otherwise be in plain sight. These clever images trick our brains because our eyes send the wrong information, which in turn makes us think we are (or are not) seeing something. When an artist is clever enough, they can create some really cool and mind-boggling illusions that often leave us scratching our heads and wondering how. Take, for example, this next one, which is hiding something!


Can you see what this optical illusion hides?

Alright, so, in order to see what is hidden in plain sight, you need to concentrate quite hard. Sometimes it helps to look at the image from a different angle or to move it closer or further away from your eyes. Perhaps you will be able to see it by squinting? Can you manage to spot what is hidden in this optical illusion?

stripes optical illusion number 17

Are you still struggling to see what is hidden in plain sight? Here’s a hint! It’s a double-digit number! Don’t be too phased if it takes you a little while to spot. These illusions can be tricky!

britney-confused-gif - RVCJ Media

So, what is the answer?

If you saw the number 17, you got it right! Now, are you ready to test your eyes with a few more of these cool striped optical illusions? Well, here you go! Can you spot what is hidden this time? This one is a little more tricky as it has a little more going on than just regular stripes. It’s even more confusing with its zig-zag pattern! Have a look:

zigzag optical illusion of a panda
City News Albania

Could you spot what was hidden behind this optical illusion?

Yes, we know! This one was definitely more tricky than the first one! The patterns truly make your eyes go completely wonky! Did you manage to see what was hidden behind the mind-mending patterns? If you saw a panda, you’re on the right track! Let’s try another one! This one shows verticle stripes which are very close together. It’s actually making my vision blurry!

striped optical illusion of garfield
Mighty Optical Illusions

Could you see what was hidden amongst the stripes?

Here’s a hint! The hidden image is that of a much-loved childhood cartoon character. Still can’t see it? Here’s another hint! He absolutely LOVES lasagna. That gave it away, didn’t it! You got it! It’s none other than Jim Davis‘ Garfield! Okay, let’s give one more optical illusion a try! Are you ready?

optical illusion shake head cat
medickinson | Twitter

This optical illusion is best seen if you shake your head from side to side! Can you see what is hidden behind these stripes? It’s quite a tricky one indeed! If you saw a cat, you got it right!


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