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40 People who went to school, but slept in math class

So, we are all aware that math is definitely not everyone’s strong suites. Social media allows people the confidence to pot whatever they wish, but sometimes silly mistakes are made which are difficult not to giggle at. For your entertainment, here are some of the best mathematical errors that people have posted. But, don’t say we didn’t warn you, it’s hard not to laugh! try not to laugh!


1. So confident…

When you think you are so smart that you boast about it incorrectly…

so competitive...
image credit: Reddit

2. Well, whoops!

So, this person must be joking. Firstly, do they not realize they bought separate numbers? Secondly, they could just swap them around.

Image credit: Reddit

3. So, you might need to work on different skill sets, math ain’t your thing.

However, applying for a job these days is not an easy accomplishment. At least they tried.

Are you sure that's why you won't be hired?
image source: Reddit

4. You might need to count again

Meanwhile, in reality if people born in 2000 would be 22, because it’s the year 2022.

I don't think so...
image source: REDDIT

5. A sale gone wrong

Well, this could not be more incorrect.

Where, oh where did the discount go?
image source: REDDIT

6. A once in a lifetime split second

Firstly, you might have realized there is no mistake in this. However, it was a second of a moment from the year 2020 that we will never see again.

image source: REDDIT

7. Are you sure that’s correct?

This person might need to get their calculator out because a person born in 2020 would be 980 in the year 3000.

Try that again...
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8. We all wish this calculation was correct

Secondly, we all wish we were rich.


We all wish Bloomberg would give us $1million!
image source: REDDIT

9. Are you sure about that?

Surely you would be 190 years old if you lived through 19 decades?

Very old indeed...
image source: REDDIT

10. Joke? Or no joke?

I still can't tell if this is a joke?
image source: REDDIT

11. Everybody wins in this scenario

You get a million! and you! and you! and you…

What reality does this person live in?
image source: REDDIT

12. So, where did all the people go?

If there are only 10 million people, where did they get the other 490 million?

that's just incorrect. Nuff said.
image source: REDDIT

13. I want some of what you are earning

what currency are you using?
image source: REDDIT

14. My worry is this pie chart is inaccurate

I mean, it’s the news. It can’t be wrong.

Is a pie chart not meant to equal to 100%? Not 184%
image source: REDDIT

15. If your math teacher were dead… They would be rolling in their grave right about now…

Are you sure you have the correct formula?
image source: REDDIT

16. How did you get this right?

But, I’m confused… Show me your methods!!

Where do they learn this stuff?
image source: REDDIT

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17. An unreliable source

I wonder where he got these statistics?
image source: REDDIT

18. This Centaur is Wonky

A comment on Reddit said: “The real problem is that he says they are 3/4 horse and the graph suggests that they are made out of 3/4 of a horse which I do believe are two different things,”

Take away the legs, that will fix the problem!
image source: REDDIT

19. The CDC must calm down now

Furthermore, we should start washing our hands more often!

Jerry the germ is at it again!
image source: REDDIT

20. Let’s try that again?

You might have skipped a few steps there…

4million + 96 million is 100million...
image source: REDDIT

21. I’m not sure who seems to be more confused…

They were right without even knowing it.

I mean, this is pretty accurate, but they don't know it.
image source: REDDIT

22. It’s okay to admit you are wrong sometime

However, you could hire a math tutor.

Try counting again?
image source: REDDIT

23. I didn’t realize I needed that much improvement…

Not to mention, 365% worth of an improvement.

Is there enough room for that much improvement?
image source: REDDIT

24. But, I don’t think they know how this works.

On the other hand, each of these are epic deals! I like the last option the most.

They are definitely making a loss with this one...
image source: REDDIT

25. Give this person a medal!

On the other hand, they could do with some math tuning.

image source: REDDIT

26. Who approved this packaging?

But surely, 25 x 6 = 150?
image source: REDDIT

27. sigh…

So, where did we loose you?

Are you sure you finished school?
image source: REDDIT

28. A pregnancy that lasted a whole year….

I think it's more like, if you were born in November...
image source: REDDIT

29. This is not how the world works for most people

In Contrast, you could just pay for it all on your debit card. Then you will have the same amount of cash you asked for. Additionally, you are being a model citizen, rather than a shady one.

Maybe you need to go back and check your bank statements.
image source: REDDIT

30. Go home brain, you’re drunk!

Furthermore, your mathematics needs some upgrading.

they more likely to be 22... Let that sink in...
image source: REDDIT

31. They must be confused

Surely it is not the other way around? One kilometer is 0.6 miles…

The theory is correct, but the answer is wrong.
image source: REDDIT

32. One simply can’t argue with this logic

So, this person has their own laws. But, okay!

Not a very reliable source, is it?
image source: REDDIT

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33. Hang on just a moment there…

Firstly, you should know that 9 is half of 18… So, we will let that just sink in.

A community of crazies...
image source: REDDIT

34. BODMAS gets the better of everyone…

Despite the amount of times we practice this, someone gets it wrong. But, we still keep trying!

It depends, which one goes first? To plus or to divide?
image source: REDDIT

35. But, this is just pure laziness.

Nonetheless, does one gram really equal 15 grams?

I'm nt s sure about this...
image source: REDDIT

36. So, to eat with a plate, or to not eat with a plate… That is the question.

Subsequently, I choose the free plate option.

Who needs plates anyway?
image source: REDDIT

37. So, if we play our cards correctly, we could get a winning deal!

After all, it should be cheaper if you buy both.

But, 40 + 40 = 80?
image source: REDDIT

38. So, I think this sale is ripping us off…

At the same time, it’s pretty funny.

And they seem so proud of their price.
image source: REDDIT

39. So, it seem that his sister seems to have found the elixir for life.

Also, we would like some.

I think her age would be more like 67 years old...
image source: REDDIT

40. Last but not least, a little bit of communication goes a long way

So, which sign do we listen to? Moreover, which one do we ignore?

Someone is trying to trick us...
image source: REDDIT

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