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18 Riddles That Are Like Push-Ups for Your Brain

Sometimes you need to work your brain out too. And for that exact purpose, we have riddles for you today. Some of them can be quite simple- but the rest might not be so. But, we have the answers for you too. So, give it your all, and see where it takes you. Remember the golden rule- don’t try to complicate it. The answer is often hidden inside the question. The more you try to complicate it, the more it will evade you. 

So, Do You Wanna Give The Riddles A Go?

1. What usually starts with a T, finishes with a T, and also has T in it?

3. Which nut, according to you, is the richest?

2. If you grab 2 apples from a bunch of 3 apples, how many are left?

4. I have 4 legs up, but 4 legs are down. I am usually soft in the middle but can be hard all around. What do you think I am?

5. With things going wrong all the time, what can you actually count on?

6. Imagine buying a phone and its case for $110. Now, the phone costs around $100 more than the case- so what is the price of the phone?

7. A word has 6 letters. If you remain 1 letter, 12 remain. What is the word?

8. How many letters do you think are in the English alphabet?

9. I can be bad or good. You will also find me all over you. What could I be?

10. Find the next number in this sequence- 
2,3,5,9,17, –

11. Which tunnel is also a shortcut that connects all planets- across time and space?

12. Where do you think would Thursday come after Friday?

13. So, you have a three-digit number. The first and the second digits are just mirrored images. The third digit, on the other hand, is just half of 2. Which number could it be?

14. If a single bee sits on each flower, you will have a single bee left. But if 2 bees sat on every flower, a flower will be left. So, how many bees and flowers are present in the garden?

15. Which question will never have an answer as Yes?

16. When Mia was 8, her father was 31. Now, he seems to be double her age- so old is Mia?

17. What will never ask a question- but will always require a lot of answers?

18. David is around 5 years old, while Fred is around 4. Alina is also 5 years old, but Daniel is 6. So, how old is Ronnie?


Are you ready with your answers? Check on them one last time just to be sure!

1. A teapot
2. A cash-ew
3. 4 apples
4. A Bed
5. Your fingers
6. $105
7. Dozens
8. 18
9. Bacteria
10. 33
11. A wormhole
12. The dictionary
13. 881
14. 4 bees and 3 flowers
15. Are you asleep?
16. Mia is 23
17. A doorbell
18. Ronnie is 6

So how many did you manage to answer correctly? We would love to hear about it in the comments below. Also, if you enjoyed it, make sure to share it with your friends and family.

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