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Passenger Refuses To Give Kid The Window Seat During A Flight – But People Are Divided

Window seats are always in demand on a flight. And most of us wouldn’t want to swap seats unless there is an absolute emergency. But what happens when we are in a situation where we could be subjected to ridicule? This is the story of u/Sillymau on Reddit. He put up a post on r/AITA talking about his experience flying from San Francisco to New York City. OP mentioned, “Months ago, I booked a JetBlue flight from San Francisco to NYC and realized I cumulated enough points over the years to purchase a first-class seat for free. I had the option to pick my seat and I always choose the window.” 


Till now, the post doesn’t seem to be filled with issues. It was his choice to move his seats legally, and so he did. But on the day of his flight, he found out that a lady with her kids was assigned the seats next to him. As it turns out, the lady wanted OP to give up his seat for her kid so that the kid could look out of the window. According to OP’s confession, he probably would have done so if this was an economy seat. But since he was expending his flyer miles to fly first class and had booked in advance- he didn’t want to do so. Needless to say, the lady was quite miffed while her kid threw a fit. And yet, OP didn’t budge. All that led to was an uncomfortable flight throughout with the mother trying to guilt-trip OP.

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Reddit User Doesn’t Want To Swap Window Seats Because He Spent All His Frequent Flyer Miles on It

I might be an a****** for refusing to give my first class window seat to a kid but at the same time, every passenger has the option to choose their seats in advance and if she wanted the window seat for her kid, she should have reserved it in advance. Plus, her kids are flying first class! Some people never get to fly first class in their lifetime!

r/AITA came to a conclusion in no time. Everyone understands the value of a window seat- and most of us would never give it up. u/PJfanRI wrote, “You paid for your ticket and selected your seat based on your preferences. I have no problem with the mother asking for you to make the switch, but once you said no it should have been the end of it. Frankly the fact her child threw a tantrum because they couldn’t get your seat tells me you can teach her a thing or two about saying now.

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u/Andante79 had a pretty generalized conclusion for this window seat debacle. “You paid for and selected your seat. She didn’t plan ahead. I’d have the same answer whether it’s a kid, adult, senior, dog, platypus, whatever. Not your problem. NTA.u/BubbleCityIsPopping added to it, “I will HOLD your platypus or dog so they can look out the window. I will not give them my seat.

There were some users who believed that OP could have been a little considerate. One user wrote, “Depending on the flight she could have thought you were upgraded or didn’t really care.” Another user wrote, “I don’t think asking is rude. When I was younger I figured out needing an aisle seat but didn’t figure out booking in advance yet.” Nevertheless, the official verdict was that OP was doing nothing wrong. On the other hand, the mother should have taught her kids that throwing a tantrum wouldn’t help them in any way in the world outside.

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