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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
January 24, 2024 ·  3 min read

Traveler Shares Simple Trick to Get Whole Row of Seats to Yourself on a Plane

Traveling to different parts of the world can give one a good insight into life. This is why this traveler has been giving out advice that would help others. And while you might think this information is not worth much, some people might find it useful. Interestingly, this seasoned nomad has her way of getting a whole row of seats to herself on a flight. In a TikTok video, this traveler- Chelsea Dickenson explained how she did that. Her video was captioned, “Row to yourself travel hack. This actually works.”

Image Credit: cheapholidayexpert | TikTok

In turns out this traveler’s way involves booking the window as well as the aisle. This does leave the middle seat free between you. Now, while someone could book the middle seat- they probably wouldn’t. “The theory here is that someone is much less likely to book a seat in between two strangers and they’ll opt for another row. And even if they do book that middle seat, you can always ask them if they want the aisle or the window and it works out for everyone.” This traveler also suggests that people should book the seats which are at the back. According to her, “it tends to work a bit better.”

Just as an experiment, Chelsea decided to book Row 13 for herself. As this traveler states, “I’ve gone for row 13 as lots of people think it’s unlucky.” She also brought her friend James to test this theory out. The viral TikTok then pans to the couple sitting patiently while the cabin crew completes their boarding. Next, she whispered straight at the camera, “Here we go, here’s the moment of truth. Yes, the row is clear. We bloody smashed it.” 

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Booking the Window and Aisle Seat May Get You the Entire Row

Although this does seem quite ingenious, it probably won’t work on a full plane. The traveler points this out.

“You’re completely right! But you often don’t know until you turn up and so…  this is worth a punt, right? It’s free!” She further mentioned, “Flights are often not full, but not everyone gets the row to themselves. This is a great way to do it if it’s not at capacity! Just a bit of fun.” Needless to say, her idea led to others trying it out themselves. 

Image Credit: cheapholidayexpert | TikTok

Comments From Others

Based on the traveler’s explanation, one man claimed, “Been doing this for the last seven to eight years…unfortunately it works half the time as planes are often fully occupied… but the theory is correct.

A flight attendant, too, weighed in on the issue. “I’m a cabin crew and I see this a lot…you’d be surprised at the amount of people who won’t move seats and will just sit in between you.

A woman had a hilarious experience to narrate- “I once did this solo…booked the middle seat, no one wanted me.”

Another woman went on to reveal, “My friend and her husband book the window and the aisle seats and neither wants to sit in the middle. When people ask to switch they say ‘nope’”.

When you are traveling on a budget, you have to do things that may seem weird- but aren’t. For this traveler, this is a slice of her life- one that she enjoys doing. And the best thing- it is at no one’s expense!

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